Friday, June 08, 2007

Princess Paris Released....
Princess Paris Back in Jail

Poor girl. She must feel like a yo-yo, not knowing whether she's coming or going!

I work in a county jail. I know this is Florida and not liberal California, but I can't image our Sheriff allowing an inmate, no matter what their celebrity status (and we have had celebrities in our jail), to be released after a matter of three days without a court order. Shoot, we don't do anything without a court order.

I understand that Sheriff Baca (I think that's his name) operates under a Federal order stating that under over-crowding conditions non-violent inmates may be released. Paris might qualify as a non-violent offender, but I'm sure there are other non-violent inmates who might be more qualified for release. How about inmates who have actually served more than a few days of their time?

I also can't imagine our Sheriff going against a judge's expressed order that an inmate not be allowed home detention or electronic monitoring. Our judges would be incensed that their orders were not obeyed. Now, had our Sheriff contacted the judge and said that this inmated needed to be released under home detention/electronic monitoring for this specific reason, the judge might have allowed it. But, for the Sheriff to take it upon himself to make this'm amazed at the size of his...uh...assets.

We currently have a 95-year-old man charged with the attempted murder of his 93-year-old wife who is suffering from dementia. You want to talk about extenuating circumstances? I think this might be it. The man probably will not live to see trial, much less do actual prison time if he is convicted. And there are some details that indicate that maybe the facts are different that what was reported to the investigating officers. In any case, while he is in jail, he will receive any mental health and medical attention he needs. It might not be as good as he would receive on the outside, but it will be adequate, considering the circumstances.

Princess Paris is apparently suffering a severe nervous breakdown. If Princess Paris actually is suffering a nervous breakdown, she needs to go somewhere to get professional help for her illness. I somehow doubt that going home to enabler Mommy is going to help her mental illness. I wonder if the "nervous breakdown" is caused by not getting out of this situation and having to take personal responsibility for her actions. This has all the earmarks of a spoiled little rich girl who thought that Mommy and/or Daddy would get her out of this bad (pouty lip) situation. And for the record, I don't paint all rich girls (young women, if you will) with the spoiled brat brush. Princess Paris has earned this in my book.

I also heard a report that a friend was shocked that she wasn't allowed to wax or use lotion. Her skin is dried out. If she needs lotion, the Medical Unit will authorize it. Waxing is a different matter. Sorry, but that's not something that is allowed even for her mental health.

Now as for Princess Paris. I don't have much sympathy for her. She has flaunted her disrespect for the judge, for the court, and for the law since the very beginning. She could have avoided this situation by 1. not driving under the influence in the first place. 2. Not driving with a suspended license. 3. Taking responsibility for her own actions and saying, "I drove drunk. I drove with a suspended license. I didn't do what my probation required me to do." 4. By entering the alcohol education program she had, what? Four months? to enroll in. 5. Do the community service work she was ordered to do. And let's not forget: she is in jail for violation of probation, not for the original DUI charge.

I think Mommy and Daddy kept telling Princess Paris that they would take care of everything and she wouldn't have to spend time in jail or have to do that yukky community service work or enroll in a class, for pity's sake! All of that is for losers who weren't born rich. And since she's probably never had to take responsibility for anything in her life, she never expected anything else.

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