Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who's Her Daddy?

Like the rest of the country, and maybe the world, I've been subject to the circus surrounding the life and death of model Anna Nicole Smith.

I haven't been deliberately watching this mess, but anyone with access to a TV is bound to hear some of the story at some point. Is there anyone who doesn't know the gist of this story?

I've been mulling just why Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern have been so reluctant to provide proof of baby Dannielynn's parentage - specifically just who her father is. I know that Howard is listed on the birth certificate, but that information is provided by at least one of the parents. Anna Nicole could have listed J Edgar Hoover as the father had she been so inclined. Hardly likely as J Edgar has been dead for more than a few years, but this is just to show that a name on a birth certificate isn't necessarily proof of paternity.

A bit of background: Anna Nicole was married to multi-millionaire J Howard Marshall. J Howard was 89 years of age and Anna Nicole 26 at the time of the marriage. When he died 14 months later, a battle began over his estate. Anna Nicole was not named in the will, interestingly enough. One would think that a man as astute as J Howard would have a will in place very shortly after the marriage indicating how much, if any, his new wife should get. J Howard had disowned one son, J Howard III, several years before. He's been remarkably quiet since his father's death. The other son, E Pierce, fought tooth-and-nail to keep Anna Nicole from getting anything from the estate.

Speaking of wills, Anna Nicole's will wasn't the most recent either, from what I've heard. She apparently left a will that left everything to her son Danny, and didn't provide for the possibility of future children, much less updated after Danny's death and on Dannielynn's birth. If what I've heard about her will is right, I can't believe any lawyer would have drafted this mess.

There was a rumor that either J Howard froze his sperm or that Anna Nicole had his sperm frozen. Now, wouldn't it be interesting if the reason that Anna Nicole and Howard K were avoiding a DNA test is because Dannielynn's daddy is none other than J Howard? It would explain why the baby was named Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. Who gives a baby the last name of a deceased spouse? Even knowing that Anna Nicole had been a Marshall, it doesn't make sense to me. But, it would cement Anna Nicole 's claim to the Marshall fortune - through J Howard's daughter, Dannielynn.

Of course, there are several other men who have come forth claiming to be baby Dannielynn's father: Larry Birkhead, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Anna Nicole's bodyguard Alex Denk, and OJ Simpson. I've even seen some posts online suggesting that Anna Nicole's son, Danny, could be Dannielynn's daddy. It could possibly explain why Anna Nicole didn't submit Dannielynn to a DNA test a long time ago. But, that's one I'd rather not even think about.

Of the men still living, my guess is that Larry Birkhead is the most likely with Howard K being a close runner-up. Prince Freddie is a possible, I guess, and bodyguard Alex could be as well. The only one I dismiss out of hand is OJ. In my opinion he's a publicity wh...hound who sees an opportunity to get his name in the public arena again.

I find it interesting that so many men are coming forward to claim this child as their own. If Dannielynn had been born in, say, South Central LA, would there be as many claiming fatherhood? I think not.