Friday, December 03, 2004

Christmas is Offensive

At least that's what some politically correct people say. They are worried that someone might be offended if they hear a Christmas carol sung. They're worried that someone might be offended if they are wished, or even see the words, Merry Christmas. And God (you believe in Him) forbid that we display a Nativity scene. We can't have Christmas parades anymore. We have Holiday parades or Parades of Lights or Festivals of Lights or call it by some other PC phrase because it might offend someone to use the word Christmas.

I like Santa Claus. I like candy canes and elves, and giving gifts. I especially like getting gifts; I won't lie about that. I love the music of the season. It doesn't matter whether it's Bing Crosby singing White Christmas or Adeste Fideles, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the Tractors Santa Claus is Comin' (In a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train), the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Silver Bells, or Nat King Cole singing O Holy Night (I get shivers everytime I hear this song). I love the movies whether it's the classic The Bishop's Wife, the new classic National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, King of Kings, or too many others to mention. I love Christmas and all that goes with it, whether it's secular or religious. I like it.

The PC crowd worries that someone might be offended by the religious aspect of Christmas. You know what? They are right: someone might be offended. It's me. I'm offended. Honestly, I don't care if someone wishes me a Happy Holiday instead of a Merry Christmas. That won't offend me. What does offend me is someone deciding that I can't sing Silent Night because someone might be offended. If I were told that I can't sing because I make Roseanne sound like Maria Callas might hurt my feelings, but I'd understand. I can sing, it's just not one of my better talents. But to be told I can't sing because someone, somewhere might be offended by hearing about the birth of Christ is suppressing my freedom of religion, not to mention my freedom of speech. And that offends me. It's not just that I can't sing it, it's that no one can.

I understand that not everyone believes as I do. And there is the rub. Some people have no faith, others have faith, but believe in something other than what I believe in. I don't have a problem with other religions, unless they want to kill me, then we have a problem. I embrace other religions because I like learning about other things, other cultures. They enrich our national culture. Without other cultures we wouldn't have Christmas trees (Germany), Christmas cards (England) or Christ himself (ancient Israel). Without Christ, there would be no Christmas at all. And that's the crux of the whole PC thing: To take Christ out of Christmas. To take religion out of the holiday. Well, to some of us, that's the entire point of the holiday. The rest is just icing on the cake.

We have got to do away with this PC nonsense. That's one of the things that is dividing this country. We don't dare talk about masters and slaves anymore even if we're discussing primary and secondary computers. One day we will wake up and the Holiday parade will be moved to October. Doesn't have to be held in December, it's a holiday parade, it can be held anytime. Let's move it to spring and combine it with that other religious Christian holiday and get rid of it too.

America is a rich, culturally diverse nation. We should be able to celebrate all religions and not exclude anyone. But that's not what's happening. We are so afraid of offending one person that we risk offending everyone. There are a couple of things the PC crowd forgets: 1. America was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs; 2. In being politically correct, you're telling at least one group of people that they don't count; 3. You can call the holiday anything you choose, but it is still Christmas in the hearts of millions of Americans; 4. By telling me that I can't celebrate Christmas is infringing on my religious freedoms; and 5. Politically correct people give me the impression that they are mean, nasty, anal-retentive, obsessive, and sad, pitiful people.

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln: You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Human nature being what it is, someone is bound to be mad about something. So let's stop this PC nonsense and get back to doing what we do best: being culturally diverse Americans who want to celebrate Christmas in whatever manner they choose.

This being a politically correct-free corner, I would like to be among the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas and the very best of the season. If you are among the PC-minded, I will add this wish to my greeting: I wish that your heart, like that of the Grinch, grows at least two sizes and that you learn tolerance and how to enjoy the richness of all cultures and religions.

Angst in Boca

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the newest mental health crisis facing our society: PEST. Post Election Selection Trauma. reports that the American Health Association conducted the first of several free noontime therapy sessions where participants screamed epithets at President Bush while sharing their emotions with mental health counselors.

Robert J. Gordon, AHA executive director described the participants as predominantly Jewish and older than 50. Most are registered independents and all live in Palm Beach County. These are some of the people who have fallen prey to the Democrats usual scare tactics such as that the Republicans will end Social Security and start the draft and other assorted nonsense.

I will be the first to say that they are scared and I will not demean them by saying they shouldn't be. That's like telling a child with a boo-boo that he shouldn't cry. It hurts! Of course the kid is going to cry. However, it's also my humble opinion, that there are more mental health issues here than just election results. I am not a mental health counselor, but I have worked in public contact jobs and have been an observer of human behavior for long enough that even I can see that see that it's not just election results that have pushed these people over the edge. This was just the last straw; the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I will also admit that my first reaction is to tell them to suck it up and get over it, already. Then I remember that this is the same part of Florida that couldn't cast their votes correctly in 2000. There's much more here than just PEST.

I know myself well enough that had the election gone the other way, I would have been sad and depressed and worried about the future - for a day or two. But not to the extent that I would need mental health treatment. While life doesn't always go the way we want it to, life does go on. I've voted in enough elections to know that what a candidate says during an election is usually campaign rhetoric. The candidate doesn't have the first intention of really implementing his platform. He will say whatever he thinks it will take to get those votes. Unfortunately, Kerry just couldn't get enough voters to believe him when he said whatever he thought that group wanted to hear. And as I said, he used the usual Democratic scare tactics. He ought to be proud that someone really believed him.

On the other hand, it looks as if Bush really does mean what he says. He made me feel that of the two candidates, he was the one who meant what he said. And that's why I supported him and why I voted for him. I want someone in the White House who says what he means and really means what he says. When President Bush says this is how it's gonna be, I believe that's the way it's gonna be. Maybe it's a throwback to when I was a little girl and could count on my Daddy taking care of things, but I like that there is someone who is willing to take care of the big, bad, world.

It's one less thing that I'll have nightmares about.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Did You Know?

That you can donate to a worthy cause by making online purchases? I found this in Woman's World magazine:

Donate to a Worthy Cause-Without Spending a Dime

What if 3%, 4%, 5%-or even more-of every online purchase you made went to the charity of your choice? It's possible! The people at have persuaded more than 550 online retailers-including Target, the Gap, Lands' End and the Disney Store-to give a percentage of every purchase you make through their site to the charity of your choice. So far, more than $1.5 million has been raised for worthy causes!

How to help: Log onto Shop as you normally do-you won't even notice any difference. Best of all, you can designate any charity-large or small!

Take a guess where I'll be doing my Christmas shopping! Online shopping from my home (in my jammies? Woo-hoo!), taking advantage of online sales, free shipping, drop-shipping, and if they offer wrapping services...! And, being able to donate to my favorite charities? It's a good thing!

Day By Day Returns!

Welcome back to Chris Muir and Day By Day. This is a great cartoon that has been sorely missed. Read early and read often!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Illegal Aliens and Driver's Licenses

One more word from me on this subject, but probably not the last. It's apparently become a hot-button topic what with the Intel bills and Homeland Security issues coming up. My word, which means nothing once you, my favorite reader, have gone on to another link, is that we should not give driver's licences or any other form of identification to an illegal alien.

I've written on this subject several times before. Many, maybe most, have legitmate reasons for wanting to be here and for some reason can't be here legally. Personally, I don't care what their reason for being in this country is. Whether they are here to make a living for their family or here to blow up buildings and kill American citizens. They are here illegally, and they are committing an illegal act by being in this country without having the appropriate, legal documents. They are not just "undocumented", they are criminals. Sure, a crime that is minor compared to the crimes a certain 19 committed who, by the way, all had US driver's licenses. Just because you have a DL doesn't mean you are here to be a nanny, work in fields, attend school, or run a Fortune 500 company. The reasons illegals are here is secondary to the fact that they are criminals committing an illegal act and are being pandered to by politicians for their votes.

I work in a juvenile prison. We learned that you can't reward the juveniles for inproper behavior, it only re-enforces the inappropriate behavior. But this is just what many legislators, including the President and his brother, the governor of my own state want to do. They want to ignore the fact that these aliens are here illegally and want to give them ID so they can work. A noble cause, but they are not altruistic in their endevors. It's for votes and if there is anyone here who doesn't believe that, well, I have a bridge I'd like to talk to you about.

If legislators want to make them legal, then begin by changing the laws that make them illegal. I wouldn't care what documents the government want to give aliens then. Until then, they are criminals, they are committing an illegal act and should be dealt with accordingly. Change the law and I will greet the now legal aliens with open arms.

Now, as I've written in previous posts, I understand that many of the illegal aliens are here to provide for their families. Think of this: someone breaks into your house and takes the money you have hidden in your sock drawer. They use the money to buy food for their kids. As good a reason as I can think of to commit a crime. But, this person has broken the law and is a criminal. Do you really care why the sanctity of your home was broken? My house has been broken into. I never thought to ask why the burglar did it. I was angry. And I'm angry that my government is aiding and abetting the breaking of our own laws.

America is our home. We have criminals breaking in every day. They may not be breaking into our sock drawers but they are still stealing from us. They steal by going to hospitals and not having insurance or the money to pay. They collect government subsidies when they are able to. You and I pay for these subsities through our taxes. Again, either make them legal by changing the laws or enforce the laws currently on the books.

I know there will be readers who think I am heartless and cruel, especially since it's the Christmas season, the season of giving. I give every chance I get. We get a lot of migrant workers in this area to work in the groves, and tomato and strawberry fields this time of year. It tears my heart out to know what the future holds for most of the little kids and their families. Many of them will end up in the criminal justice system or in the welfare system because we've become a nation of enablers. Liberals, in their attempts to do the right thing, are doing exactly the wrong thing. If you keep giving, the people you're trying to help will never be able to stand on their own feet. And by giving illegals documentation, but not making them legal, the legislature is forcing them to stay on the shady side of the law. They will never be completely legal, and won't be able to come into the light. They will be forever in "the system" and will never be able to break free of it.

And America is the worse for it.
Christmas Shows

Well, since no one was able to give me a website or blog or anything that would help in my quest to see my favorite Christmas shows and movies, I compiled a (partial) list of of shows and movies that will be on TV during the season. This is just a partial list, mind you, and I will be adding to it as I get more information. All times are Eastern and I listed only the company (ABC, TNT, Hallmark etc.) so be sure to check your local listings for channel and time (as I don't guarantee I didn't typo the times).

12-01 Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas 9:00 pm ABC
12-01 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 8:00 pm CBS
12-01 The Christmas Box 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-02 A Boyfriend for Christmas 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-03 Frosty Returns 8:30 pm CBS
12-03 Frosty the Snowman 8:00 pm CBS
12-03 How the Grinch Stole Christmas 9:00 pm Cartoon Network
12-03 Santa Jr. 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-04 A Christmas Visitor 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-04 Season for Miracles 5:00 pm Hallmark
12-05 ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 12:00 am Family
12-05 A Christmas Carol 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-05 A Very Married Christmas 9:00 pm CBS
12-05 The Christmas Box 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-05 The Christmas Gift 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-05 The Christmas Gift 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-05 The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold 12:30 am Family
12-06 A Christmas Carol 9:00 pm USA
12-07 12 Days of Christmas Eve 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm USA
12-07 A Charlie Brown Christmas 8:00 pm ABC
12-07 A Christmas Carol 4:00 pm USA
12-07 Once Upon a Christmas 9:00 am Hallmark
12-08 A Clay Aiken Christmas 8:00 pm NBC
12-08 Twice Upon a Christmas 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-09 Christmas in Rockefeller Center 9:00 pm NBC
12-10 Christmas in Connecticut 6:00 am TCM
12-11 A Christmas Carol 4:00 pm USA
12-11 A Christmas Carol 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-11 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus 11:00 pm Hallmark
12-11 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-11 The Christmas Gift 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-11 The Night They Saved Christmas 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-12 A Christmas Memory 11:00 pm Hallmark
12-12 A Christmas Memory 3:00 pm Hallmark
12-12 Meet Me in St Louis 10:00 am TCM
12-12 Mrs. Santa Claus 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-12 Season for Miracles 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-12 The Bishop’s Wife 12:00 pm TCM
12-13 The Christmas Gift 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-15 A Christmas Carol 9:00 pm TNT
12-15 Christmas in Connecticut 12:00 pm TCM
12-15 King of Kings 3:00 am TNT
12-16 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-18 A Boyfriend for Christmas 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-18 Angel in the Family 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-18 Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-18 Santa Jr. 5:00 pm Hallmark
12-19 A Christmas Carol 3:00 am Hallmark
12-19 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 9:00 pm NBC
12-19 Once Upon a Christmas 11:00 pm Hallmark
12-19 Once Upon a Christmas 3:00 pm Hallmark
12-19 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-19 The Christmas Box 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-19 Twice Upon a Christmas 5:00 pm Hallmark
12-20 Christmas Vacation 2 8:00 pm NBC
12-21 A Christmas Carol 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-21 The Greatest Story Ever Told 11:00 pm TCM
12-22 A Christmas Story 12:15 am TCM
12-22 The Night They Saved Christmas 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-23 A Christmas Carol 8:00 pm TCM
12-23 Angel in the Family 9:00 pm Hallmark
12-23 The Man Who Came to Dinner 9:30 pm TCM
12-24 A Christmas Visitor 10:00 pm Hallmark
12-24 A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie 10:00 am Hallmark
12-24 Holiday Inn 12:00 am TCM
12-24 Season for Miracles 6:00 pm Hallmark
12-24 The Christmas Box 2:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 A Boyfriend for Christmas 8:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 A Christmas Carol 3:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 Christmas Snow 8:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 Mrs. Santa Claus 6:00 am Hallmark
12-25 Once Upon a Christmas 11:00 am Hallmark
12-25 Once Upon a Christmas 11:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 Santa Jr. 5:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus 7:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 The Greatest Story Ever Told 2:30 pm TCM
12-25 The Miracle of the Bells 8:15 am TCM
12-25 Twice Upon a Christmas 1:00 pm Hallmark
12-25 The Night They Saved Christmas 9:00 am Hallmark

And this raises the question: what Christmas program or movie makes it Christmas for you? For me, it's A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Bishop's Wife, and A Christmas Carol, preferably the Reginald Owen version (1938, I believe), but I try to see as many of the A Christmas Carol versions as I can every year. The Man Who Came to Dinner is just a hoot and NL's Christmas Vacation and Scrooged have become favorites too. There are others, such as A Flintstone's Christmas that I don't like to miss.