Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A North American Union?

I was flipping through the channels last night and came across Glen Beck. I've watched his show before, and while he presents some good material, he's never been able to hold my attention for long. A bright, shiny object starts flashing somewhere and I'm gone.

I did listen last night. And amnesty for illegal aliens is beginning to make sense. Or rather, the push for amnesty. Apparently in March 2005, The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was launched. I never heard about it, but that's not unusual.

Beck seems to think that this is the beginning of a Union similar to that of the European Union. And he says it will be in effect by 2010. That's only 2.5 years from now. Could it happen? Maybe, I tend to think not, but the idea for a North American Union could be put out there in order to lay a foundation by 2010, and the Union a few years later.

Think of it: Grant amnesty to 12 million (or more) illegal aliens (mostly Mexican). Introduce a common currency so that it's easier for travelers and commerce between the three countries. Cooperation between law enforcement agencies, government entities, financial institutions, health agencies, and trade organizations. Wait a minute: cooperation between law enforcement agencies? that's a laugh! That doesn't happen between cities in the same county, much less across borders.

Sure, it looks good. A common currency would be nice when you take a vacation in Mexico or Canada. Maybe we could actually get cheaper Canadian prescription drugs. More likely the North American Union will go to a national (Union?) health system like Canada has now. hmmmm...why do so many Canadians come to the US for health care? Maybe eventually we'll have a common language. Spanglish?

Like everything, there are good things and bad things. But since I'm not very educated on this yet, I think I'll reserve judgement. But I do say why "fix" something that ain't broke?

Here's the
link. Check it out for yourself.

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