Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Pod?

Well, probably by the end of the month anyway. I was told a month or so ago that I would be moved to another Pod for more training. The one that I was told is a 4-dorm Pod with high security inmates.

I don't care that it's high-security inmates; I do care that it's a 4-dorm Pod. Oh, within a couple of weeks, I'll have it down. The basic job is no different pod-to-pod; just the number of dorms within a pod. A couple of the dorms are a little different in that they have inmates who move around, such as to the sewing unit or to the kitchen as trusties, or, as in the high-security dorms, locked down more. Lock down is a good thing. You always know where the inmate is - or at least where they are supposed to be. If they aren't there, you've got more problems than if they weren't locked down to begin with.

My basic problem is that I'm comfortable where I am; I don't like moving around. I could almost wish I could stay where I am until I retire. I don't like change (that's one of the reasons I haven't decided on what colors to use when I repaint the house).

I sort of wish they would pair CRO's to deputies and move them around as a team. I wouldn't mind moving so much. There are several deputies I wouldn't mind teaming with; they do their jobs and do it well. While all our deputies can do the job, some just do it better than others. Or maybe it's that I appreciate the way they do it more than I appreciate others. But teaming won't happen; they wouldn't want deputies and CRO's to become too "familiar" with each other. That might lead to problems.

I was watching the inmates the other day during feeding. They line up to get their trays, so there's plenty of time for me to observe them. I've talked before about the inmates and their clothing choices. They have limited choices: pants, shirts and shower slides. Perferrably undershorts, of which they do have some choice. I notice that several of the younger men may wear two pair of undershorts (or maybe the outer paid is actually shorts, but they still look like undershorts from where I make my observations), the outer shorts are worn lower on the hips than those worn next to the skin. Then, the uniform pants are worn even lower and I wonder what is keeping them up. Some roll the pant legs up to the knee, just above or just below. I swear, it looks like they are wearing their kid brother's pants.

Then, and I don't understand this, maybe it's a "guy" thing: their hands seem to always be inside their pants. I'm not sure what they are holding onto, whether it's their anatomy or their shorts, but they seem to be holding onto something. Maybe they are afraid that something will be stolen? My dog, Buck, seems to have that same concern; he's constantly checking be sure they are still there. He must know that I'm planning on removing them sometime soon.

We had two codes called in the last two days. A code is called when there is a disturbance in the pods. A code 1 is for disturbance between inmates. A Code Red is when a deputy is involved. Both of these were for inmates fighting.

I'm working the weekend. Maybe it will be quiet. Friday will be the usual: court, GED classes, visitation, medical, and so on. It helps that the courts are closed on the weekends, so at least there will be no court and no GED classes.

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