Saturday, November 27, 2004

God in Schools and Holidays

On Thanksgiving, I read several stories about how history is being re-written in the schools. In view of events in Maryland I think we need a refresher course in the First Amendment.

This is what the First Amendment actually says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now I'm not saying that the First Amendment is being used incorrectly. By citing the First Amendment, I'm attempting to head off those who will say that government schools cannot allow religion into schools. The First Amendment does not say that. It simply states that Congress cannot make laws to either establish a national religion or laws that give preference to any religion over another. Nor can Congress make laws that prohibit the practice of religion.

Now, I'm a Christian and I make no bones about it. I believe that the various religions should be taught in schools just as English, Math, and Science are taught. I think creationism and evolution should be taught side-by-side with no preference one to the other. And I specifically think that the religious aspects of our national holidays should be taught, especially the historical context of those holidays. Teaching about religion is not the same as teaching religion.

Maryland teachers, according to the article referenced above, are teaching that the pilgrims came over on the Mayflower, and how the Indians (I refuse to use the term Native American when referring to this group) helped them; the kids can thank anyone they want, they just can't thank God. Charles Ridgell, Curriculum and instruction director for St Mary's Country Public Schools says, "We teach about Thanksgiving from a purely historical perspective, not from a religious perspective," I beg to differ, Mr. Ridgell, you are not teaching the historical perspective at all.

To take religion out of Thanksgiving is to remove the entire reason for the pilgrims coming to America in the first place. Call Thanksgiving a Harvest Fest if you want. That's more historically accurate according to several historians I heard over the weekend. The pilgrims actually had many days of thanksgiving throughout the year. These days of thanksgiving were religious in nature and spent in church giving thanks to God. The Harvest Fest was not. It was a time to celebrate the abundance of the harvest. It was a three day fest and in that first year the pilgrims invited the Indians (another inaccurate term) to celebrate the harvest with them.

During the centuries since the first Thanksgiving (or Harvest Fest, if you prefer),we've made the days of thanksgiving and the Harvest Fest into one holiday. This is historically inaccurate, but I don't see a problem, nor do I see it being changed. So, we're left with one holiday made from two ideas. Not a bad idea - celebrating what is good in our lives with a feast shared many times with others.

On Thanksgiving we give thanks. Many give thanks for the usual things, friends, family, health, and abundance. Some simply celebrate having the day off. No one is wrong in what they give thanks for or even if they don't. It's a personal choice. Most people give thanks to a higher being whether it is the universal God or a god or goddess or simply an unknown higher being that they respect. Some don't believe in a higher being at all. I don't care if someone worships differently than I do or even that they don't. It's a personal choice. I don't see worshipping differently than I do, or not worhshipping at all, as wrong. I feel sorry for those who don't believe in a higher power of some sort, but that's their choice and the topic of another post another time.

What is wrong is someone deciding that someone else might be offended if children are taught that God had any connenction to Thanksgiving. I see two reasons this is wrong. First, it's changing history to be politically correct. We've done enough of that over the years. How about actually teaching history as it happened? Teaching that the reason the pilgrims came to America was because they were persecuted as Christians! The truth! What a concept!

And secondly, it's assuming that anyone would be offended in the first place. We have three major holidays in America where God plays a role. Thanksgiving where we give thanks for the abundance of the year; Christmas where the birth of Christ is celebrated; and finally Easter, where the death and resurrection of Christ is celebrated. All three have been PC'd to the point that the religious aspect is only a small part celebrated by religious fanantics. Someone might be offended if God is mentioned?

Immigrants come to this country and bring their customs, beliefs and holidays with them. And it's good that they do. It makes America all the richer for it. But, it's not always the immigrant who complains about our holidays. It's often the American citizen who complains. And isn't it grand that they can do so?

When it comes to our national holidays, celebrate according to your beliefs and let me celebrate according to mine. Don't sanitize or revise the history of the holiday. Let the teachers teach history.

The truth is out there. And it is good.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Holiday Thoughts and Ramblings

Thanks to Denny at Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta, I found this link. We really need to help these poor folk in their endevor to emigrate.

We were watching Studio B on Fox yesterday with host Sheppard Smith. My, but he really went southern during one segment describing an accident south of here on I-75 in Sarasota County. Dale said he was dangerously close to Redneck. Don't get either of us wrong, Dale is from Kentucky and about as good ol' boy as you can get. And although I was born in Pennsylvania, my heritgage is Midwest/Southern.

David at
The Glittering Eye has compiled a selection of different Thanksgiving prayers and practices. Thanks to Beth at She Who Will Be Obeyed! for the link.
And from Sissy at Sisu a link to Spirit of America who wants to send sewing machines to women in Iraq. As Sissy says, "Give a woman a dress, and she is clothed for a day. Give her a sewing machine, and she can clothe and feed her family for a lifetime." Sewing machines for women in Ramadi. A permanent link will be on the sidebar. Thanks Sissy!

This is a little off the mark for the feeling of this post, but I think it's important enough to put out there. Here is a
link to a petition to Congress to show support for the Marine who killed the insurgent in Fallujah. I don't know if it will do any good, but it's here for your review.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for this link. It's to Move America Forward! The first link is to a petition to various Senate personages to get the UN out of the US. I think I'd rather see us out of the UN altogether, but getting the UN out of the US is a good start. The second is to the main page which gives information on the the drive to move the UN out of the US, the Oil for Food scandal and other news items.

It's Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving and the official first shopping day of the Christmas season. I'll be spending the day at home today watching TV, rambling the blogosphere, and eating leftovers. I refuse to spend the day in traffic on the roads or in the stores. I don't like shopping enough to put myself through it. God Bless those of you who enjoy being out in this! May you find the best bargains and put a serious dent into your holiday Christmas list. Be safe and enjoy!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some Historical Thanksgiving Thoughts

"In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord, King James, by the Grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, e&. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia; do by these presents, solemnly and mutually in the Presence of God and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politick, for our better Ordering and Preservation, and Furtherance of the Ends aforesaid; And by Virtue hereof to enact, constitute, and frame, such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the General good of the Colony; unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In Witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cape Cod the eleventh of November, in the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, King James of England, France and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth. Anno Domini, 1620."

-- Mayflower Compact, 1620

"[They] fell upon their knees and blessed ye God of heaven, who had brought them over ye vast and furious ocean."

-- William Bradford's account of the Pilgrims' first action upon making safe harbor in Cape Cod, 1620

"Our harvest being gotten in, our Governor sent four men on fowling so that we might, after a special manner, rejoice together after we had gathered the fruit of our labors. They four in one day killed as much fowl as... served the company almost a week... Many of the Indians [came] amongst us and... their greatest King, Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and feasted; and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought... And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God we are... far from want."

- Pilgrim Edward Winslow, 1621

"The God of Israel is among us.....He shall make us a praise and glory, that men shall say of succeeding plantations: 'The Lord make it like that of New England."

-- John Winthrop, Pilgrim and founder of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1630

"Inasmuch as the great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, peas, beans, squashes, and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as He has protected us from the ravages of the savages, has spared us from pestilence and disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

Now I, your magistrate, do proclaim that all ye Pilgrims, with your wives and ye little ones, do gather at ye meeting house, on ye hill, between the hours of 9 and 12 in the day time, on Thursday, November 29th, of the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty three and the third year since ye Pilgrims landed on ye Pilgrim Rock, there to listen to ye pastor and render thanksgiving to ye Almighty God for all His blessings."

-- William Bradford's second Thanksgiving Decree, 1623

President's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me "to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted' for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have show kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand, at the city of New York, the third day of October, A.D. 1789.

(signed) G. Washington
Thanksgiving Day, 2004
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation

All across America, we gather this week with the people we love to give thanks to God for the blessings in our lives. We are grateful for our freedom, grateful for our families and friends, and grateful for the many gifts of America. On Thanksgiving Day, we acknowledge that all of these things, and life itself, come from the Almighty God.

Almost four centuries ago, the Pilgrims celebrated a harvest feast to thank God after suffering through a brutal winter. President George Washington proclaimed the first National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, and President Lincoln revived the tradition during the Civil War, asking Americans to give thanks with "one heart and one voice." Since then, in times of war and in times of peace, Americans have gathered with family and friends and given thanks to God for our blessings.

Thanksgiving is also a time to share our blessings with those who are less fortunate. Americans this week will gather food and clothing for neighbors in need. Many young people will give part of their holiday to volunteer at homeless shelters and food pantries. On Thanksgiving, we remember that the true strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of the American people. By seeking out those who are hurting and by lending a hand, Americans touch the lives of their fellow citizens and help make our Nation and the world a better place.

This Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to our dedicated firefighters and police officers who help keep our homeland safe. We are grateful to the homeland security and intelligence personnel who spend long hours on faithful watch. And we give thanks for the Americans in our Armed Forces who are serving around the world to secure our country and advance the cause of freedom. These brave men and women make our entire Nation proud, and we thank them and their families for their sacrifice.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank God for His blessings and ask Him to continue to guide and watch over our Nation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 25, 2004, as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather together in their homes and places of worship to reinforce the ties of family and community and to express gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-third day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand four, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-ninth.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Neal Boortz site:

Proclamation Establishing Thanksgiving Day

October 3, 1863

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence, have not arrested the plough, the shuttle, or the ship; the axe had enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and the country, rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years, with large increase of freedom.

No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.

It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and voice by the whole American people. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.
And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the independence of the United States the eighty-eighth.

A. Lincoln

It just seemed appropriate to post this. Have a happy and safe Holiday!
Military Holiday Giving

I promised that I would post links to organizations that I've deemed worthy of your support. Thanks to Neal Boortz, here's a whole slew of them. Permanent links are in the sidebar.

Any Soldier provides soldier contacts you can browse that include lists of what they need and want.
The USO has a Sponsor A Care Package program.
Operation Uplink is a unique program that keeps military personnel and hospitalized veterans in touch with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free phone card.
Books For Soldiers is a soldier support site that ships books, DVDs and supplies to deployed soldiers and soldiers in VA hospitals, via a large volunteer network.
Operation Dear Abby allows you to send your message of encouragement to the troops via an online interface.
Operation AC sends air conditioners (and heaters!) to our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Soldiers' Angels
gives you the opportunity to adopt a soldier so you can send them letters with words of encouragement and packages of goodies to keep their spirits up.
The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides supplemental assistance to our Marines, sailors, and their families as they face their road to recovery.

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Christmas Shows

Is there a blog or a site somewhere that offers a listing of when Christmas shows such as movies and classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas will be shown? Charlie Brown is a favorite and I don't want to miss it.

You'll notice that I've added a section to the sidebar titled Christmas Organizations. This is where I'll add links to organizations I've deemed worthy of your support during the Christmas Holidays. They may be local (meaning US mainland), international, or military based. I'll be adding more as I come across them.

If by any chance you're wondering what I want for Christmas, a donation to any of these organizations will be appreciated.
Tax Reform

From an email I received from

The Senate's top tax-writer expressed doubts Tuesday about prospects for a major overhaul of the tax code, dealing a blow to one of President Bush's top priorities two weeks after his re-election.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said comprehensive tax reform would be "difficult" to do. "I'm not one to spend a lot of time tilting at windmills," he said.

Grassley said Bush would have to aggressively use his "bully pulpit" to win wider popular support. After the election, Bush said he had earned "political capital, and now I intend to spend it" by pushing for changes in the tax code and Social Security, among other things. But Grassley said, "I'm not sure how much political capital (the president) is prepared to spend on it."

Bully Pulpit? Sounds like Grassley is not a Bush supporter. And I think the President is prepared to spend a LOT of political capital on tax reform.

Grassley's view is important because all tax bills go through his committee. In an interview with USA TODAY, he said Bush made a mistake by not talking about tax reform more often and more explicitly in the campaign. "I think there was a missed opportunity," he said.

White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said Bush "talked daily during the campaign about the importance of making the tax code simpler, fairer and more conducive to economic growth, and he looks forward to working with Congress on this priority."

Bush has called for simplifying the tax code in a "neutral" way that would not significantly raise or reduce tax revenue. That could make changes tougher, because any big tax cuts for some would have to be paid for with increases for others, creating winners and losers.

The White House is assembling a bipartisan panel that's expected to make recommendations before Bush settles on a specific proposal next year. Among his options is the replacement of the progressive income tax with a single, "flat" income tax rate or retail sales tax.

Grassley suggested that he favors more incremental changes: making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent, closing loopholes, shielding middle-income Americans from tax increases, and reducing the tax burden on savings and investment.

The last time Congress overhauled the tax code was in 1986 under President Reagan. That law broadened the tax base by slashing loopholes. It collapsed 15 income tax brackets, topped by a 50% rate, into two rates of 15% and 28%. Since then, new tax breaks have been added and the number of brackets raised to six, topped by a 35% rate.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but isn't the job of the chairman of any Senate committe supposed to do the "difficult"? That is, if he is interested in the issue in the first place. It sounds to me that Senator Grassley isn't interested in overhauling the tax code, much less replacing it with something that would actually help the people who elected him to office. Isn't it his job, as senator to represent the people of his state, and by extension, the people of the United States? The POTUS wants to overhaul the tax system, but Senator Grassley apparently thinks it would be too "difficult".

I believe that the next election cycle will revolve around the economy. It would behoove him to educate himself regarding the tax code and the various platforms that have been proposed to replace it. I think it's grand that the Senator favors more incremental changes, but I don't think that's what the President or the people of the United States has in mind. I know it's not what I want. Regular readers know my stand on tax reform: get rid of the IRS, eliminate payroll taxes, install a national sales tax, and let the wage earner spend the money he has earned however he (or she) wants! What a concept!

The last time the tax code was reviewed was 18 years ago, under Reagan. Isn't it time to do some housecleaning?

Maybe Senator Grassley has forgotten that Tom Daschle was voted out of office. I don't begin to speak for the citizens of Iowa, but it would be a good idea to be mindful of what happened to Daschle. If it happened once, it can happen again. I think the days of politicians being re-elected simply because they are the incumbent are coming to an end.
I Apologize

I apologize for not understanding something. All my life, or as far back as I can remember, I thought that liberals supported Civil Rights, equal rights for women, and equal opportunities for all.

I thought that organizations such as the NAACP and NOW would be proclaiming to the world that a black woman has been nominated as Secretary of State. Not only is this nominee a woman who is black, she is qualified for the position.

I am writing about Condoleeza Rice, of course. She holds a doctorate in Political Science, is a published author, speaker, and serves as board member for several organizations. Not mentioned in the following biography, she speaks Russian, French, and Spanish, is a classical pianist, a figure skater, and a sports fan who aspires to be Commissioner of Football one day. She graduated high school at 15 and college at 19l. She is only a few months younger than I am and I am in awe of her accomplishments. She is what I might have been had I applied myself the way she did.

Here is her official White House biography:

Dr. Condoleezza Rice became the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor, on January 22, 2001.

In June 1999, she completed a six year tenure as Stanford University 's Provost, during which she was the institution's chief budget and academic officer. As Provost she was responsible for a $1.5 billion annual budget and the academic program involving 1,400 faculty members and 14,000 students.

As professor of political science, Dr. Rice has been on the Stanford faculty since 1981 and has won two of the highest teaching honors -- the 1984 Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 1993 School of Humanities and Sciences Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching.

At Stanford, she has been a member of the Center for International Security and Arms Control, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies, and a Fellow (by courtesy) of the Hoover Institution. Her books include Germany Unified and Europe Transformed (1995) with Philip Zelikow, The Gorbachev Era (1986) with Alexander Dallin, and Uncertain Allegiance: The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army (1984). She also has written numerous articles on Soviet and East European foreign and defense policy, and has addressed audiences in settings ranging from the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Moscow to the Commonwealth Club to the 1992 and 2000 Republican National Conventions.

From 1989 through March 1991, the period of German reunification and the final days of the Soviet Union, she served in the Bush Administration as Director, and then Senior Director, of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council, and a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. In 1986, while an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, she served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1997, she served on the Federal Advisory Committee on Gender -- Integrated Training in the Military.

She was a member of the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan and the San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors. She was a Founding Board member of the Center for a New Generation, an educational support fund for schools in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park, California and was Vice President of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula . In addition, her past board service has encompassed such organizations as Transamerica Corporation, Hewlett Packard, the Carnegie Corporation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Rand Corporation, the National Council for Soviet and East European Studies, the Mid-Peninsula Urban Coalition and KQED, public broadcasting for San Francisco.

Born November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, she earned her bachelor's degree in political science, cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Denver in 1974; her master's from the University of Notre Dame in 1975; and her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver in 1981. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been awarded honorary doctorates from Morehouse College in 1991, the University of Alabama in 1994, the University of Notre Dame in 1995, the National Defense University in 2002, the Mississippi College School of Law in 2003, the University of Louisville and Michigan State University in 2004.

According to one blog I read, there are rumors that VP Cheney will step aside midway through this term so that his replacement could run for President in 2008. This same blog wants to see Dr. Rice in that position. While I think she would make an admirable VP, and a fine POTUS, I can't see the US electing a black woman at this point in time. And before anyone take issue with the fact that I specified "black" woman, I don't see a woman, no matter what her race, or how qualified she might be, being elected POTUS in the near future. And it's a damn shame.

I honestly thought that organizations such as the NAACP and NOW, and activists such as Rev. Jesse Jackson would be shouting from the rooftops that a black woman was nominated, and would be confirmed, as Secretary of State. I thought that she would be hailed as a role madel for black youth and women - "see? This is what you can become with hard work and education." Not only haven't I heard this, I have seen cartoons lampooning her as an "Aunt Jemimah" and as house n----- for the Bush Administration. I heard one woman call into a radio show and ask who Dr. Rice had slept with to get her positions and this nomination.

I admit that I don't watch network news, and I haven't had the chance to watch cable news lately, so maybe I've missed it. Please tell me that these organizations have acknowledged this woman and her accomplishments. Their websites certainly don't. Please tell me that I'm wrong in now thinking that liberals want to keep minorities "in their place." Please tell me that the Rice-bashing is a transference from the Bush-haters.

I thought that was the thinking of the "Old South" and racists and bigots. Not the enlightened intellectuals that liberals claim to be. If this is "enlightened thinking" then I'm glad I'm one of those stupid hillbilly Christian fundamentalists from Jesusland who voted for Bush.