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Photo: Joe Biden had a bad, awful week!

Poor guy...he really did have a bad week. 

I'm sure he's glad that Congressman Akin spoke up and took the heat off him ;D
Just Unbelievable....

from the...Oh, no, you didn't! and the putting my foot in my mouth up to my belt buckle files.....

For those who doubt that I would post anything about GOP stupidity:

"Legitimate rape"? "Victims of legitimate rape don't get pregnant"? What the hell is that? Under some circumstances, I'd file this away under, "it's said by a man...'nuff said". But this? No, he needs to answer for this one. 

An oxymoron from a moron. Everything he's done that is good has now been overshadowed by one incredibly stupid statement. 

My Dad's family is from NW Missouri and at this moment, I'm ashamed to have ties with Missouri. Thank God, I know that this was, hopefully, said in a unbelievable lapse of judgment, by one Missourian who does't come even close to representing the beliefs of those in his district, much less my family across the state. I will be proud of my Missouri heritage again. I won't let one stupid statement by one incredibly obtuse man rob me of my pride of my heritage. 

Missourians by birth and Missourians by heritage need to stand up and say, Oh, hell, no! You didn't! and force him to step down. Usually, I can allow a person more than one moronic statement, but I can't let this one go. It's just too much. I personally, can't do much except make my outrage known. Only the people of his district can influence him into doing what is right and step down. There is nothing he can do to overcome this....this...all I can call it is an incredibly stupid remark. 

I'm predicting that Rep Akin will be stepping down soon. I really doubt that he can get past this.