Tuesday, April 20, 2004


One of those stupid commercials is on TV right now. You know, the one that is just so stupid you wonder why anyone would buy the product it's advertising. Someday, I'm going to run a series on the stupidest commercials. In fact, let's do it! I'll make up my list of 10. You make up your list and send it to me at the email in the right hand sidebar (it's one I can get to from LS's computer). The "winner" will be the one with the most votes. Okay? Get going!


I'm always looking for new things to put in my sidebar. If you know of anything that would be fun or interesting let me know where to find it.

Watch This Spot

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, and probably will be still awhile before I post again. Not by choice, you understand, but due to a problem with our home network.

My Lovable Spouse (LS) reconfigured the network and somehow, that messed up something else that won't allow my computer to access the Internet. Now understand, dear reader, that I am not blaming the aforementioned LS in this matter (except, of course, had he not tried to reconfigure anything, I'd most likely still be online!). LS called the ISP (RoadRunner) and the router customer service lines. They have no idea what's wrong and RR blames the router and the router CS blames the firewall. Or anyway, they're blaming someone else, not their own service, of course. LS doesn't want to contact the firewall CS people because, apparently, they don't have a telephone number to call; everything is done through email. Huh? Is this any way to do business? I told him I would find a firewall that had real, live people to talk to with problems and dump this pitiful excuse for a business. His answer was that most Internet companies are going this way (email CS) and we probably wouldn't get any better service from another firewall company. I take his word because he is my personal computer guru (PCG) and really does know more about networking and computers than I do.

But, I say again, Huh? Maybe it's because I've been in customer service of one sort or another for over (censored) years (the actual number shall remain my secret; let's just say I was very young when I started working) and I can't imagine doing business in such a way. But, then, all but maybe the first six or eight years were in the legal/law enforcement arena and we don't have a lot of choice. The public is our client. I digress.

I have no idea what the problem is, but apparently the only thing left to do is to uninstall the networking, the router, the firewall, and whatever else is involved and reinstall. So says LS, my PCG. Now, my computer has not been able to access the Internet since last week and my PCG hasn't taken the time to do whatever is necessary to get me back online.

Oh, well, I do have a life off line, and while I do enjoy my on line time, it's not my life. In the meantime, I use LS's computer to check the bank account, pay bills, and check my online mail. Unfortunately, I can't get to my primary ISP email so that is piling up big time. I don't want to use his computer, because it's not mine! I'm used to the idiosyncrasies of my computer and the feel of my mouse and keyboard. I prefer the font and font size I use and the lighting in my office. Oh well. I'll be back online soon I hope.

If not, I'll sell my computer and use his exclusively. Afterall, If we're using the same computer for Internet use, why have yet another computer cluttering up the house? And won't he love sharing on a permanent basis? Marriage is a 50/50 partnership, right? What's yours is mine, and mine yours and all that? Sure, he'll go for that. Not a problem!

Keep watching. I'll try to post when I get a chance.


LS said the other day that he should start a blog, but wouldn't know what to blog about. I said he could blog about his online gaming, his friends, and just rant and rave in general. I'm sure he could find lots of things to write about. He could always find something about me to write about, but, I'm not sure my ego could take some of the things he might have to say :D


Before the home network got bunged up, I got a response from Governor Bush's office regarding my email on allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. I can't remember everything that was said, but I will admit that it gave me pause for thought. I am still against the idea because I still believe that it rewards illegal aliens for breaking the law. As I recall, illegal aliens would have to become legal and jump through more than one hoop before they could get the license. That makes me happier about the idea, but, I have to go back and re-read the email. On a re-read, I might change my mind entirely, or at least be able to accept the idea. I'll post it here so that you, too, can read what the Governor is proposing.

On Changing Opinions

I try to be fair, and I try to keep an open mind. I will allow myself to change my opinion when new information becomes available or when that information is compelling. Of course, I always retain the right to retain my original opinion because the new information, no matter how compelling, is against my fundamental, core beliefs.

And sometimes, I won't change my mind just because I don't want to. So there. Nyah!


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