Thursday, June 07, 2007

Amnesty Bill Loopholes

Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions released an excellent report of 20 different loopholes he found in the bill.

-Loophole 1 – Legal status before enforcement
-Loophole 2 – U.S. VISIT exit not in trigger
-Loophole 3 – Trigger requires no more agents, beds, or fencing than current law
-Loophole 4 -- Three additional years worth of illegal aliens granted status, treated preferentially to legal filers
-Loophole 5 – Completion of background checks not required for probationary legal status
-Loophole 6 – Some child molesters are still eligible
-Loophole 7 – Terrorism connections allowed, good moral character not required
-Loophole 8 – Gang members are eligible
-Loophole 9 – Absconders are eligible
-Loophole 10 – Learning English not required for a decade
-Loophole 11 – Earned Income Tax Credit will cost taxpayers billions in just 10 years
-Loophole 12 – Affidavits from friends accepted as evidence
-Loophole 13 – Taxpayer funded legal counsel and arbitration
-Loophole 14 – In-State tuition and student loans
-Loophole 15 – Inadequacy of the merit system
-Loophole 16 – Visas for individuals that plan to overstay
-Loophole 17 – Chain migration tippled before being eliminated
-Loophole 18 – Back taxes not required
-Loophole 19 – Social Security credits allowed for some illegal work histories
-Loophole 20 – Criminal fines not proportional to conduct

Illegal Aliens need not worry, it will become law despite the loopholes. Washington doesn't care unless it will get them votes.

And they call me cynical. I can't imagine why.

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