Saturday, June 26, 2004

Little Red Hen

If you haven't read or heard it, you've got to read this version of the Little Red Hen on the Right Wing News site.

Okay, I made the word up, but I think it's descriptive of those of the South. Those who were born in the South, have it from birth. Some people can acquire it, and some people, no matter how long they've lived here will never be anything but a Yankee. I know people born and bred south of the Mason-Dixon Line won't agree with me, but I believe this to be true.

Through no fault of my own, I was born with the shame of being a Yankee. It didn't matter that my ancestors, who came here before the Revolutionary War, settled for years in Virginia, then migrated into Tennessee and Kentucky. They finally settled in Missouri in the early 1800's. Missouri, as you might recall was a "slave" state. I'm not proud of that fact, just reminding you, my favorite reader, that it was. Every generation thereafter, was born in Missouri, until me. I was born in Pennsylvania. Southern Pennsylvania, but still north of the Mason-Dixon line. So because I had no say in the matter, I was born a (gasp!) Yankee!

At a very young age, my family moved to Florida. Okay, we moved to Miami, which is un-southern a southern city as I have ever seen. But, I recovered my heritage and discovered my roots.

I have long since declared myself to be a Southerner, by heritage and by choice.

Ask Someone Who Was There

If you want to know why our military forces are in Iraq, read this essay from one of them. Major Stan Coerr was there. He explains what the military was told about what they were about to do and why. This is a must read.

If you don't get it after reading this, then you never will.

Thank you Major Coerr. Thanks to you and the men and women who fought with you, both American and British, a country has been liberated from a regime I have no words right now to describe.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


ACT is an acronym for America Coming Together. This is a group which is sending people door to door to register people to vote. In doing so, they are asking for information about you, the usual, such as name, address and phone, marital status, children, employment status, and your social security number.

Do not give any information to these people. They have been hired by the Democratic Party to get people registered and voting. My specific reason? Forget about them being employed by the Democrats, that's beside the point. People in Missouri, Florida, and Ohio need to be especially careful. They are known to be working these states.

Some of these people are felons. Some have been convicted of sex offenses, assaults, and burglary. Would you like to have a convicted sex offender knowing that you are a single female, living alone? How about giving a burglar the same information and that you are employed by XYZ company from which he can figure out when you will be at work? Sex offenders include those who like children. Tell this stranger that you have young children, and their names and ages.

I'm all for giving felons a second chance. They've done their time and hopefully have put their past criminal thinking behind them. But, you know, I work in a prison. Most convicted felons don't change. Burglars break into houses because it's easier than working a real job. Do I mean to say no one ever changes? No, it does sometimes happen. But these times are few and far between. Sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated. Don't even try to argue this with me. It does not happen.

Do you want to take a chance with your life, your spouse's life, or your children's lives and give this information to a stranger who might be casing your house?

Not me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Because I Can

I think I'll adopt this as my slogan. Clinton used it as an excuse for his actions. I'll use it to encourage myself. My parents always told me that I can do anything I want to do. Well, there are somethings I just can't do. For example: I can't give birth - I had a hysterectomny nine years ago. I can't play professional basketball - I'm too short and basketball isn't my favorite sport. I won't pose in Playboy - and believe me, that's a good thing!

I'm in the process of setting goals for myself. Some are short term - six months or less, six months to one year. Some are medium term - up to five years, and some are long term - more than 5 years.

Some of my goals (in no particular order):

Getting out of debt
Saving money for the cruise
Getting to my weight and health goals
Getting the Fair Tax Act passed
Being the oldest living person (at least 150)
Getting a chihuahua
Having my own business
Visiting Ireland

Some of my goals I'll achieve, others I won't. Whatever I do, I'll do it because I can.

I just wrote a post that I thought was one of the best I've written. When I went to got lost! So here's something else while I curl up in the corner and cry.

Hiring Process

When a company has a job opening, they advertise the position and hire someone they feel is the best person to fill the position. When the open position is, say, Chairman of the Board, the shareholders of the company cast their votes. Sometimes the sitting chairman is re-elected, sometimes he (or she) steps aside and someone else gets the position. The shareholders look for the person who they feel is best qualified to lead the corporation for the next few years. This is the person who will guide the company in their growth potential, creating more productivity, more jobs, and, hopefully, higher profits. If the company grows, all is well with the company. The shareholders are happy and will re-elect the chairman. If the company is losing money, the chairman may be replaced. You can bet that someone is sure they can do the job better and wants a chance to do the job.

Politics are alot like a corporation. Think of America as the corporation. The president is the Chairman of the Board. The shareholders are the voters. If the majority of voters think the company, America, is prosperous, Bush is likely to be re-elected. If the majority think that the company is in trouble, then Kerry will probably win.

I see a company that is prospering. Employment is up, manufacturing, housing, the stock market, and most of the pertinent points of the economy are high and going higher. Sure, there are problems, what company is perfect?

Mr. Kerry, one of the candidates for Chairman of the Board of this company doesn't agree that this company is prospering. He sees all kinds of problems. He has little good to say about this company. Okay, I'm a shareholder and choosing how I will cast my vote. Is he the best candidate to lead this company? What is his attendance like at his current job? Hmmmm....the governor of Massachusetts wants him to resign because he's missed so many senate votes - 89% - (I wish I had the links I found last week). What about his opinions? hmmmm.....seems like he changes his mind an awful lot. Can he relate to the average person in the company? He's rich, has several homes, lots of cars, a jet to campaign in. Doesn't sound like someone I can relate to. But wait! He served in Vietnam and earned 3 Purple Hearts. My father refused a Purple Heart in WWII - he didn't think a cut finger deserved a Purple Heart. There is some question as to whether the injuries Kerry received when he got his Purple Hearts were much more than my Dad's cut finger.

I want a chairman of the board who is no afraid to make decisions. I don't want a chairman who won't change his mind, mind you. If new information indicates that another direction should be followed, then the chairman should be able to change direction and lead this company in another direction. I want a chairman who is not afraid to stand up to other companies and say, no, this is not acceptable.

Is Bush the perfect chairman? No. But right now, he looks a sight better than the other candidate.

What do you want in a Chairman of the Board?
So proud!

Last week, I joined the Wictory Wednesday bloggers. When I wrote the post, I didn't know how to do the little trick where you just click on a word and it takes you to the site you are linking to. Well, I figured it out! I'm so proud of myself!

Because I Could

Those are the words of Bill Clinton to explain why he did some of the things he did. Like his affair with Monica. Isn't that the attitude of someone who is so selfish that they have no thought or regard for anyone else? Someone who is so self-absorbed that they can't see anything but their own wants and needs? Someone who is so self-absorbed that they think they can get away with anything? It's certainly not the attitude of someone who cares about their spouse and child. Not to mention how it might look in the eyes of the citizens he represents to the world or even the rest of the world. We're not talking about the average American whose actions matter only to those around him. We're talking about the leader of the greatest nation in the history of the world. Everything the President of this country does has the potential to wind up on the front page of every newspaper in the world and every news broadcast. Not to mention his actions being fodder for the comedians of the world.

And he's proud of being impeached? He wears it like a badge of honor? Did I miss something? I can't imagine being impeached and being proud of it. Can we say twisted values? Perjury is a felony, for crying out loud and he's proud of it? Sheeesh.

Would You Hire Him?

I was reading last week about how the governor of Massachusetts was asking Kerry to step down from his Senate post while he campaigns for the presidency. The reason? Kerry has missed a whole bunch of votes. I wish I had the links. If I find them again, I'll post them here.

When he doesn't vote in the Senate, how can he expect anyone to vote for him? I suppose that the Presidency is the highest office he can aspire to, so he won't decide in a few years that he wants to run for another office.

If I were a citizen of Massachusetts, I would feel that Kerry was stealing the pay he receives as a senator. When I vote for someone, I expect them to give their full attention to the duty of their office. What happens when someone neglects their job? Ultimately, they are fired.

We are in the process of interviewing candidates for a job - President. Do you want someone who doesn't do the job he is currently being paid to do? Do you want someone who is constantly belittling the company (America) you are a shareholder of? He doesn't see anything good in it. Why in the world would he want to be the Chairman of the Board of this company?

Me, I'd think twice about hiring this candidate.
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