Monday, February 16, 2004

Sporadic Blogging

Blogging will be even more sporadic over the next few weeks. My DH will be going into the hospital for vascular bypass surgery on Wednesday. Of course, I'll be with him on Wednesday, and visiting every evening after work until he comes home again. After working all day and visiting him in the evening I will not feel much like blogging. But, then, you don't pay for the words of wisdom I impart so deal with it :D

One suggestion: if there is more than one hospital in the area, make sure what hospital your surgeon is planning on doing the surgery in. My DH has had the same surgery done at Doctor's Hospital in Sarasota that he is having done on Wednesday. Turns out, the surgeon doesn't think too highly of the OR nurses there and plans on doing the surgery at Sarasota Memorial. No problem, but we assumed Doctor's until this morning when the Admissions office at SMH called. I then called the doctor's office to find out just where the surgery was being done. That's when I found out. DH isn't home; he's out having some work done on my car so it's fixed before his surgery. He called a while ago and that's when he found out. He was not a happy camper as he likes Doctor's. The staff at Doctor's is the best as far as we are concerned.

American Chopper

I've been watching the Discovery Channel show American Chopper for the last couple of months. I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life and after watching this, I think I've missed out on something. If you've never watched the show, it's basically about a family shop that builds motorcycles, or choppers, and the dynamics between the father who owns the business and his sons who work for him. Sometimes I wonder just what the heck is really going on, but it's been interesting. I've rather enjoyed watching the process of building a bike from the ground up. I don't want to ever build one myself, but watching is very interesting.

Tattoos and Piercings

My friend Tina told me the other day that she's getting a tattoo. I can admire the artwork of a tattoo, but I don't want one myself. Although, I find myself feeling a little differently today than I did a year or so ago. Maybe one day I'll decide that I want one too. Not yet, but maybe some day. I know myself well enough to know not to rule anything out.

I haven't done it yet, but I do want another piercing in my ears. I maybe could someday see myself with a naval ring, but that would be the most extreme I can imagine myself going with piercings. Okay, now you know just how personally conservative I am. If you want to put holes in your nose, eyebrow, tongue, and other places that I don't want to think about, then that's your business. Same for tattooing. If it's something you want to do, go for it! Knock yourself out!

One word of advice, free of charge: If you want to tattoo or pierce yourself take into consideration where you put it. If you are young and entering the work force, having a lot of exposed body art or piercing may jeopardize your chances at a job. It may not be fair, but it's reality. Of course, if you plan to work for yourself, then you have to be concerned with the people who will be your clients. You might run into someone who doesn't appreciate body art and piercings and will pay someone else for the same service or product that you have. In either case, your income might depend on how you conceal your tattoos or piercings.

Old Friends

I had a call from a dear friend the other day. We had worked together in the same office for nearly 13 years. We became very good friends over the years. I transferred from that office in '96 and we didn't see much of each other after that, although she was matron of honor at my wedding 5 years ago.

I found out that she was working in the same division I work in and sent her a note with my extension. When I found she had left the office we worked in, I wondered why and whether she had just burned out and requested a transfer or whether there was a reason the agency transferred her. She finally called me and I heard the story. I won't discuss it here, because frankly, it's none of your business. She made a mistake, learned from it, and is now getting on with her professional life. She's been beating herself up over this mistake (just like I would have done); some days are better than others for getting on with life, but she's doing it.

From the first we were friends. It's scary how much alike we are. She's the sister I never had and I'm proud to say she calls me "sister" although she has "real" sisters. I guess you could say that we're sisters by choice. We both know that we call tell each other anything and we won't judge the other. Help, yes, judge no. We're there for each other because we want to be. And sometimes, that's all we need: just someone to be there.

Sis, I love you and I know you'll get through and over this.


DH just called from Walmart where he went to get new tires, a battery, and windshield blades for my van. He's been there three hours and they just told him they don't have the tires in stock. After three hours! This is one of the many reasons I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I have a story I want to tell about Walmart, but I have to wait to find out from what perspective I have to tell it.

Tina and I used to shop at Walmart every week. Then we got tired of having to go to another store and getting what we couldn't find at Walmart because the shelves are stocked as often as they should be considering the store traffic. And, some grocery prices are better at other stores. If you watch prices, sometimes the deals at Walmart aren't as good as at other stores, but then you spend time and gas money driving to another store. We'll be shopping at Walmart again, as our financial fortunes have both taken something of a temporary downturn.