Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dictionary Day

October 16 has been designated National Dictionary Day. Take a minute to ponder the contributions of great lexicographers including Samuel Johnson, James Murray, and Noah Webster.

I'm sure you, my favorite reader, knows that a dictionary is a book that provides the definition of words. Thousands of words. Common words and words that aren't so common. Words you've heard and understand in context, but may not know the definition. Words you've never heard and will never use. It gives the pronunciation and whether the word is a noun, verb, adverb and so on. Most dictionaries will tell you where the word originated and probably more that you really wanted to know. Words that have been in the dictionary since Noah built the Ark...oh, wait. Wrong Noah.

I know you, my favorite reader knows all this, but my other reader is a little slow and we sometimes have to explain things.

I heard recently that once a word is in the dictionary it's never taken out.

One more tidbit of dictionary information: October 16 was chosen because it is Noah Webster's birthday.

Monday, October 11, 2010

21 days to Mid-Term Elections
(3 Weeks)

Just a reminder to educate yourself on who and how to vote.