Saturday, October 02, 2004

So Says Cher

According to Bill McCuddy on Fox, Cher called Joe Lockhart and said that only skinny people should be around Senator Kerry. Apparently, because of his height, and enlongated face, shorter, pudgy people detract from him.

Good Grief. Can we say "shallow"?
Gaffs Could Prevent Voting in Florida

Saturday, October 02, 2004

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida officials say thousands of Floridians who think they're registered to vote could be turned away at the polls November second because their voter registration forms weren't completely filled out.

Secretary of State Glenda Hood says some groups registering voters are turning in application forms with information missing, such as unchecked boxes asking whether applicants are citizens, mentally incompetent or felons.

A group that's been seeking copies of the incomplete applications in an effort to help people complete them said Hood's office — citing state law — has begun blocking them.

Hood recommends that people who were registered by a group instead of at their county elections office check to make sure they are actually registered.

The dispute has resulted in at least one legal challenge.

If you have recently filled out a voter registration form, check with your local Supervisor of Elections to see if you are able to vote. If there is a problem, you have a chance to get it corrected now. Election day is not the time to worry about it. If there is a problem with my registration, I want to change it, not someone else.

Something smells fishy to me. If the only missing information relates to citizenship, mental competency or whether the registrant is a felon whose rights have not been restored, it sounds to me like some group or groups are trying to get people who are not eligible to vote registered. This could have one of two reasons behind it.

1. Getting more people to vote for a specific candidate. If their votes are not disputed, the candidate could win.

2. If the candidate loses, Florida will be in for another post election cycle of people screaming that they were disenfranchised, refused their right to vote and so on. We'll be in for six to eight weeks of re-counts just like what happened in 2000.

In either case, our voting process is the loser. The first shows that those who are for one reason or another ineligible to vote circumvented the system.

I don't want people who are not citizens to vote in our elections. I don't care if they are here legally or not. I don't care if they pay taxes or not. I don't care if they own property or not. They are not American citizens.

I don't want people who are not mentally capable of understanding what they are voting for to vote. There is too much possibility of someone influencing them or telling them how to vote. Each person has to be informed enough to make their own decision. My own father needed help the last time he voted to read the ballot. I went with him and read the ballot to him and helped him mark the ballot as he wanted. His votes did not agree with mine, but did I say anything, or "help" him vote? Not on your life. His eyesight was poor, but his mind was sharp enough that I knew he knew what he wanted. He wouldn't have known if I had "helped" him vote my way. But I would have. I tend to trust people, but I don't trust people well enough to believe that everyone is as honest as I was.

I don't want people who have not had their civil rights restored to vote. Sorry folks. It's part of what goes with being a convicted felon. Once their rights are restored, they should register, mark the appropriate box and if necessary prove to the elections personnel that their rights have been restored. Then vote.

By the way, after all the smoke cleared, there was no proof that anyone in Florida, who was legally registered to vote, was disenfranchised or refused the ability to vote on 2000. Some minority groups are still trying to beat that drum. They can beat it as loud as they want. Saying it don't make it true.

Watergate Revisited?

From Fox News:

Bush Campaign Headquarters Burglarized

Friday, October 01, 2004

SEATTLE — Three laptop computers containing campaign plans were stolen overnight from the Bush-Cheney state headquarters office, Republican officials said Friday.

Between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m., after the last campaign worker had gone home from the office in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, someone threw a rock through the office window of Jon Seaton (search), executive director for President Bush's (search) state campaign, said Chris Vance, state GOP chairman.

Vance said two of the stolen laptops belonged to Seaton and Chris Taylor, head of the office's get-out-the-vote campaign. A third had been slated for a field office.

The computers contained much of the Bush-Cheney campaign strategy for the state and advertising schedules, Vance said.

"This looks like it was politically motivated," Vance said in an interview from the Republican party offices in Tukwila.

Bellevue police confirmed the burglary Friday afternoon but offered no support for Vance's claims about motive.

"No evidence at the scene indicated this was politically motivated," police spokeswoman Jessamyn Poling said.

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirstin Brost (search) said Democrats knew nothing about the break-in. "We think it's awful and we definitely condemn the actions of those who stole these computers" she said.

My opinion? On the surface, yes, it looks political, but, I think it's it's a garden-variety B&E. It's doubtful the DNC is behind this. I'd guess that if any Democrats are involved, it's someone from the local level who thought they needed inside information or thought they'd garner some sort of cache by offering inside information to the local Democratic party. I'd guess someone young, late teens, early twenties.

The most likely story? A local thug or two looked in a window and saw the laptops. Laptops are easily transported and sold. Again, someone young.
Chow Yun-Fat 'Can't Stand' U.S. Lifestyle

Oct 2, 8:27 AM (ET)

HONG KONG (AP) - Chow Yun-Fat says he can't stand the American way of life and has no plans to pursue U.S. permanent resident status. "I can't stand talking English every day or the lifestyle there ... not to mention the food," the Hong Kong-born film star was quoted as saying in Friday's editions of Chinese-language newspaper The Sun.

"I only go to America for work," he said. "When I finish work, I leave immediately. I won't stay one day longer."

Chow rose to fame in Hong Kong with gangster movies before moving on to Hollywood films such as "The Replacement Killers" and "Anna and the King." He became an instant star with the 2000 release of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," the Ang Lee-directed epic that was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture.

Chow couldn't be contacted for comment Friday, a National Day holiday in Hong Kong.

hmmmm....he apparently likes American money well enough. I haven't seen any of his movies and I don't think I'll be in any hurry to see these or future movies he might make.
Soapbox Consulting

I just found Soapbox Consulting and Book TV via The Daley Times-Post.

About Soapbox:

We are your full-service source for strategic grassroots training, events, and programs.

Soapbox Consulting was created with the belief that real people can effectively advance the legislative priorities of their associations through substantive communications and relationship-building with elected officials and the news media.

We specialize in lobby days and interactive training seminars. Please contact us to discover how Soapbox consulting can energize your grassroots efforts.

Your Best Grassroots . . . Ever.

While at Book, I found The One-Hour Activist: The 15 Most Powerful Actions You Can Take to Fight for the Issues and Candidates You Care About by Christopher Kush

I've always had an interest in how one becomes an activist. In the event you are interested, I've added the link to the book at Amazon to my sidebar. I might add this to my Amazon Wish List. Christmas is coming after all.
Troops Diverted from Afghanistan?

During the debate Thursday night, Senator Kerry said:

The President made the judgement to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress even approved it, to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq.

Here's what Lt. General Michael DeLong, former CentCom commander and second in command (behind General Tommy Franks) on the War on Terror had to say to radio talk show host Kevin McCullough on Friday.

And here is what General Franks had to say to Fox News about diverting troops and equipment from Afghanistan.

Courtesy of Crosswalk and Fox News.

Friday, October 01, 2004

NRA Targets Kerry

Esoteric*Diatribe has a post on the NRA targeting Senator Kerry. I don't have a lot of time right now to post about it, it's way past my bedtime. But I wanted to get the post up for your review.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Man of Faith

I've seen this on several sites and would like offer it to you. This particular cite is courtesy of Mudville Gazette. It's also at the Neophyte Pundit, Piqua Daily Call, Left Nuts, and Right Wing News. It's one of the reasons I will vote for this man, even if I don't agree with a lot of what he has done over the last 4 years. In fact, I believe this is such a powerful story that I've added it to my sidebar under Important Reads.

I don't wear my religion on my sleeve. If you were to ask, I'd tell you what I believe and why, but I won't try to convince you it's the only way. I'll discuss it as long as we have time, but will never insist that you believe what I believe. I've long believed that a person shows what they are by how they live. Anyone can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? I believe President Bush not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Walking the walk not only refers to religious beliefs, it also refers to their everyday life. Does this person mean what they say? Can this person be counted on to do what's right? Is this a person of character?

And once again, it is about character.
A Couple of Thoughts

* I don't care who it is, Republican or Democrat or third party, but it's not gonna win my vote to hear lies spread with the intention of scaring people to vote for a particular party. I'm specifically referring to the Democrats 1. sending emails to college kids saying that Bush intends to institute the draft, and 2. telling senior citizens that Bush intends to take away Social Security and Medicare benefits. About the draft, Kerry and Edwards are also saying it. People, it ain't gonna happen. The only people talking about a draft are the Democrats. Specifically Charlie Rangle of New Jersey and Fritz Hollings of South Carolina who introduced the bills into Congress. Repeat: the Democrats are the ones introducing the bills, not Republicans. And it's low and mean to try to scare the elderly and poor by telling them that Bush is planning on taking their benefits away.

Shame on politicians for indulging in scare tactics. Shame on politicians for not doing everything they can to stop such tactics. And shame on the members of that party for allowing their party to continue to do so. It's low and indicative of their fear of losing the White House. It's one among many reasons I am no longer a Democrat. I couldn't continue to be part of a party that uses scare tactics and out-and-out lies to win votes. It's just wrong.

Mark Twain once said, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

*When will someone file a complaint with the FCC regarding the Dan Rather fiasco? Does anyone realize that Federal documents have been forged and transmitted over a fax machine? It's a violation of Federal law to forge federal documents. And sending it over a fax constitutes mail fraud. Not to mention that it was done with the purpose to influence an election. While Rather himself was a willing participant in this mess and is responsible for his actions, the culprits behind the scenes are responsible for committing Federal crimes. If it's not stopped now, this will continue to happen.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne

Well, it looks like my parents are on vacation or they used up all their favors. Manatee County is experiencing the wrath of Jeanne. I knew the winds were at high tropical storm or low hurricane intensity, then turned on the TV. Yep, she was 50 miles SE of Tampa, which put her east or north east of us. 85 mph winds. Well, it could be much worse, we're on the south west side and didn't get a direct hit, so we're doing pretty good. We're getting a lot of gusting winds.

I peeked out the back slider and front door. Because of the rain, I didn't see much except rain. The guy across the street left his weight-lifting equipment out. I don't feel quite so bad about forgetting to bring in the garbage cans now. A hit by a plastic garbage can will do a bit of damage, but not nearly as much as a 5lb metal weight.

Out the back slider, I saw out patio table had tipped over and was leaning on the fence. The garbage cans were visiting the neighbor's patio. I'm not of a mind to chase them down now, I'll worry about that later today or even tomorrow.

Update: Just heard from my father-in-law in Melbourne. He stayed the night with his sister and when the winds died down, drove back to his house. He thinks his tangelo tree is done for and the satellite dish and Sprint dish are hanging from the roof. Apparently no other damage so while he wished it was a grapefruit tree instead of the tangelo, he's happy.

Bay News 9, our local cable all news station just showed a live cam from the top of our downtown hospital. Heavy rain, heavy enough that you couldn't see much except blurry trees swaying.

Update: This is being posted on Monday morning. Our power went out at 1150 am yesterday and didn't come back on till 1010 pm. I'm not grousing by any means. A few hours doesn't compare to weeks. According to the news, winds gusted in Bradenton at about 60 mph and we had 4-8 inches of rain. Our "pond" kept growing, but never caused a problem. I haven't gone out, but I'm not expecting to see much damage on my way to work. I heard that a house in Palmetto lost the roof, but that's the worst I've heard of. If that's all, then Manatee County was once again spared the worst of Jeanne.

And yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary. What a way to spend it.