Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Voter Intimidation Hotline

Thanks to The Unmentionables, I can post a telephone number for you to call if you are the victim of intimidation due to your political choices. Specifically, if you think the intimidation is Democrat or union inspired you should first call the police to file a report, then call 1-888-303-7125.

This has to stop. And the time to stop it is now. I don't care which party is responsible. It's not right. No one should suffer intimidation, fear, and injury at the hands of bullies and thugs. You must prosecute and the first step is to file a report. If the police are reluctant to take your report, insist that a report be filed. If the officer on scene will not take the report, then get his or her name and identification number, go to the station and report it to his or her supervisor. And continue up the chain. Do not allow anyone to browbeat you into not filing the report. It is their responsibility to take the report. When you have a case number, contact your local state or district attorney and find out who is handling the case and what they intend to do about it. If for any reason the attorney is reluctant to file charges, tell them you will go to the press, and even better, tell them you will blog about it on the Internet. Ask for the attorney's name so that you will spell it right - make sure they understand why you are asking for the spelling.

After you make your police report, call the 800 number above. I don't believe for a minute, and don't mean to imply that all Democrats are bullies and thugs, but until right-minded Democrats (and I don't mean conservative, I mean mature, grown-up adults who abhor and don't condone this behavior) get control of their party, this is the impression that is given.

And since the AFL-CIO is so proud of the actions of their union members, why don't you drop a line to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Here is his address:

Mr. John Sweeney
President AFL-CIO
815 16th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20006

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