Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Contribute to the Party Platform
I received email today from I've said before that I am a supporter of tax reform and replacing the current tax system (huh? it's a system?) with a national sales tax. And, no, it's not a value added tax. It's a tax paid by the final purchaser of an item.
The reason I speak of the email is because there was a link included that enables grassroots Republicans to contribute their ideas to the party platform. Here is the email and the link:
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), who is serving as the Platform Committee Chairman for the 2004 Republican National Convention, announced this week that grassroots Republicans from across the nation will be able to contribute to the party's platform for 2004.
The GOP's 2004 Platform Committee is responsible for expressing the values and views of party members. Traditionally the committee works with delegates and the party faithful to gather priorities and include them in one document that states the direction the party will follow for the next four years. However, this year, for the first time, suggestions given online may be included in the final document.
We need you to express your opinions on tax reform to the 2004 Republican National Convention! Here is where to go:
Using a home computer, anyone can log on to a web site and participate in the platform process. The site asks for personal identifying information and allows participants to select their most important issue and add comments. Here is where you submit it: (
Ginny Wolfe, a platform committee spokesperson, acknowledged to Newsday that the party affiliation of those participating would not be checked. So if you are a Democrat, Reform, Green, Veterans, or Constitution party affiliate - you can now have a voice with the GOP in getting the FairTax on the President's list.
The platform process was brought online Tuesday. "The best ideas most often come from Americans who solve real problems and live real dreams every single day," Sen. Frist said.
You will note that the email specifically refers to tax reform, but it can be used to express any contribution to the party platform.
Update: President Bush thinks a national sales tax is an "interesting" idea. Here's the link.

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