Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Wilma Update


Category 2 Hurricane Wilma accelerating towards southwest Florida and the Keys…Hurricane Warnings posted from Longboat Key on Florida's west coast to Titusville on the east coast…Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches in effect for the remainder of Florida's east and west coasts...Tornado threat to increase this evening ...

According to the weather channel, Wilma should make landfall sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning somewhere in the vacinity of Ft Myers. I was watching the track they were anticipating and thought it looked like Wilma was making somewhat of a turn more towards Key West. Even if Key West misses the worst of the storm, they will get a good deal of wind and rain.

Key West reports that it is losing $5 million dollars a day because of cancelled events. Tourists and non-residents have been evacuated. Key West expects to be up and open for business by Tuesday.

Speaking of business. One of my supervisors called earlier and advised that the word came down from The Ivory Tower On High that I have been declared non-essential personnel and do not need to report for work tomorrow. Yee-haw! Sometimes, it's nice to be told you're so unnecessary that you can just stay home. All kidding aside, my job during a hurricane or major weather event such as this, is unneeded, and if the computers go down, I'd be totally unnecessary and I'd just be one more person to keep track of. Any memos or filing I would do tomorrow can wait until Tuesday.

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