Saturday, August 21, 2004

New Addition to the Family

I'm going to be getting a Chihuahua puppy here in the next few weeks. The grandmother-in-law of a co-worker breeds Chihuahuas. So, when the puppy is old enough to be taken from mama, he'll be coming to his new home. Dale is not real happy with the situation, but, he wants me to be happy (and he knows better than to say I can't have it - I'll be knocking on the door of the Humane Society early the next morning). He's a big guy, and because of his physical problems is sometimes not too steady on his feet, so I do understand his concerns. He also thinks that Chihuahuas are yippy, yappy dogs. They can be, but I have learned enough about dogs to know that any dog, no matter the size, can be "vocal" if they are not properly trained and socialized. Then, there are the cats. Dolly and Oliver Will. Not. Be. Happy. with. this. At. All.

So, my dilemma is this: what to name the puppy? I'd thought of Charlie (before the hurricane came through), Tucker (still a favorite, but I can guess what Dale will make of that), and George and Dubya. Can you, my dear and faithful readers, come up with an idea for a name? I want a human sounding name (to go with Dolly and Oliver), so Spot and Fido are out. I also want a strong sounding name. I thought of George and Dubya for obvious reasons, and George was my Grandfather's name, so it holds special meaning for me. I thought about Billy, short for William which was the middle name of my other grandfather.

Help me out! Name the puppy!
Update: I've made a decision. The pooch's name will be Wyatt. I was watching Charmed the other evening and bingo! it hit me. I like the name Wyatt. And, besides that I've also liked the old West gunslinger turned marshall, Wyatt Earp. Wyatt also means "little warrior" in old French. It fits a Chihuahua very nicely. Wyatt it shall be.


r said...

I think Presidente would be very cute and authoritative for such a little, but strong dog :)


Bunker said...

Our chihuahua is Chester Copperpot, named for the skeleton in "The Goonies". He was a skeleton when we found him abandoned one cold winter, but is the happiest dog in the world.