Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another Site Change

You will notice that I've added a Swift Boat Vets section to my sidebar. It links to the SBV's site and to Amazon. I am considering adding Amazon links to other books relating to the election. Watch this site!
Update! I've not only added Unfit for Command, but several other books by and about Senator Kerry and President Bush. I did not include images because I didn't want to use any more space than necessary. If I find more books (or items) I feel are pertinent, I will add those.

And, in order to make full disclosure, I am an Amazon associate, so I will make a few pennies with every book purchase. That is not why I added the feature, in fact, I started to add links until I remembered I was an associate. If I make a few pennies, life is good. If not, it's not costing me anything and I will feel that I've performed a public service by making these books available.

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