Friday, June 18, 2004


I probably won't be blogging this weekend. Dale and I will be in Melbourne visiting his dad for Father's Day. Even if I didn't want to go (and I do!), I would feel I had to as he has so very generously offered to take us on a cruise this summer! Yippee! Don't know when yet, but I'm ready anytime! I didn't realize how badly I needed a vacation until the subject came up.

I had to get the A/C fixed on my van today. I just couldn't go another day with no A/C. It only involved putting more Freon, or whatever it is they use today, in. About two pounds worth. So, in about 10 minutes, I was good to go. And it was cooler, by a considerable comfort level, traveling down the road.

I stopped at Big K. I had planned to get a new necklace for my Chihuahua charm, but couldn't get near the jewelry counter. This particular store is closing because Lowe's bought out their lease. It's going to be interesting. Home Depot is about a half mile away. I bought a couple of tops and some undies. The tops are a bit too small yet, which I figured, but I hope to lose enough weight to be able to wear them on the cruise. It's a do-able plan if I watch what I eat and keep up my exercise routine until the cruise.

Speaking of exercise, I had a weigh-in at Curves on Monday. The results were not what I expected. Tina and I both gained weight and inches. I did however, lose some body fat. YAY! Lori, the instructor who took our measurements and weight, said she also gained and doesn't believe the scales are registering correctly. Tina and I decided that we may not have lost, but neither of us believe we gained, so with what Lori said, I feel honest in saying the scale is wrong! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Okay, I feel better now. As far as the gained inches, well, the instructor who measured us last month could have measured in a slightly different place than Lori and so the measurements could be off. Both Wednesday and today she kept reassuring me that I was smaller than when I joined. I'm not concerned (too much) about weight loss, my clothes are fitting better, so I'm happy. Can't say I'm in a smaller size, but the clothes are definitely looser. They keep telling me that at some point the weight will begin to drop off as right now I'm replacing fat with muscle. Okay, I'll buy that, but could I really have that much fat that can be replaced with muscle???

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