Sunday, October 19, 2008

Senator Obama's Health Care Plan Will Fine Small Businesses
McCain Evening Memo

In the final presidential debate, Senator Barack Obama claimed that his health care plan would not fine small businesses under any circumstance. Senator Obama is not telling the truth on this issue. According to ABC News, Senator Obama's own campaign does not know how many small businesses would be exempted from fines under his health care plan.

Jason Furman, Obama's director of economic policy, said "we haven't put out a specific number" when asked last week by ABC news to identify who would be covered by Senator Obama's small business exemption.

Senator Obama and his campaign are hoping that they can muddy the waters enough to make the American people believe that his health care plan won't fine small businesses. This tactic, fortunately, is not going to work. The American people understand that if a campaign will not disclose details about a program, it probably has something to hide. The truth is that Senator Obama's health care plan will fine small businesses and his economic plan will raise taxes on small business profits. Senator Obama has no choice but to do these things; the only way he can pay for his $1 trillion dollars in new spendi ng is to raise taxes.

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