Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Doth Protest Too Much

Senator Biden has what Senator McCain claimed in the last debate: to not be George Bush and that if Senator Obama wanted to run against Bush, he should have run four years ago. Biden further said that McCain doth protests too much. I'm not sure I get that, I've only heard it once, although it could have been said many more times. But, it seems to me that I've heard for months from the Obama-Bush ticket that a McCain presidency would be just a third Bush term. Over and over again. Ad nauseum.

Of course, they want to tie McCain to Bush, so that voters will blame McCain for "eight years of failed economic practice." Bush has been in office for eight years and will be held responsible for the economy. McCain did vote along with Bush many times, I can't deny it. But which party has been in control of Congress for the last two years?

It seems to me that the Democrats (the answer to the above question, by the way) could have made major inroads on Bush's "failed" policies over those two years. But, what did they do? Not much. The Democrats haven't accomplished much over the last two years have they? If I'm wrong, please educate me.

We did have an economic stimulus package last spring, but the Democrats are saying it wasn't enough. So, what will it take? Well, Congress is talking about another stimulus payment at twice the rate of the last one. Personally, I like getting money, but eventually, I begin to wonder when I will have to pay it back. Will this be like a payday loan? You know, you get the money you need today, based on next week's paycheck. The problem with payday loans is that they have to be paid back. And it becomes a vicious cycle. How will the government pay for this next stimulus package?

It doesn't sound to me like the Democrats have really done much to change things.

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