Monday, October 20, 2008


Senator Obama promised to use the public financing system if Senator McCain did. McCain agreed and both promised the nation and each other that they would use public funds to campaign.

Senator Obama has since gone back on that promise and uses funds raised through his campaign to pay for advertising. I can't blame him, he has raised record amounts of money and has a war chest that probably resembles the budget of a small nation. By using this money, he is able to buy far more advertising than he would have had by honoring his promise. He went back on his word to Senator McCain and to the American public, you, the voter, to use public funding. Is he attempting to buy the Presidency?

I can't and won't say that the McCain campaign has always been completely honest, we are talking about politicians, after all, but they have honored the pledge taken to use public financing.

My question? If he goes back on that promise, what other promises will he go back on?

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