Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Second American Revolution

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Chuck, a postal worker in Georgia advises that the only thing necessary to send a teabag to your senator/congressman/president is to attach a mailing label to the teabag or dunking string along with the correct postage. Then just drop it in a mailbox.

Buy a box of teabags, print off labels to your
congressman, senators and President Bush. Make sure "FairTax" shows up somewhere on the label. Tape the label to the teabag or the string. Affix the correct postage. Mail one teabag a day.. until the box is used up. When it's done, buy another box. Repeat.

No need to explain FairTax. No need to write much of anything. The tea bag will make the statement. Politicians will understand instantly. The media will figure it out. The tea bags will cause a lot of trouble. The good folks of the USPS will get a lot of welcomed overtime and the politicians will get a real wake up call.

The Founders would be pleased.

Thanks Chuck.

Via email

Interesting idea, but I'm not sure what the Post Office would think about it. It would certainly get the attention of the congresscritters, but will it retain their attention long enough to get the FairTax passed?

My other question is whether we'd lose the goodwill of the PO by mailing thousands of tea bags. And what if they break? That much loose tea would not leave me very happy.

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