Thursday, October 07, 2004


My sidebar is back! I noticed on Saturday, after I had posted something or another, that my sidebar wasn't completely loading. I thought maybe I had done something when I had updated the sidebar. So, I re-loaded the sidebar from a copy I have saved, but it didn't make a difference. Okay, I thought maybe something was wrong with my browser, computer, something!

On Sunday, I had the same problem, so I sent an email to Blogger about it. No answer except that they had received my question and I should check the FAQ's etc. Big help. So on Monday, I checked from work to see if it was a problem with the browser or computer (didn't think so, but wanted to cover as many bases as I could with my limited knowledge of the technical end of computing). Nope. wouldn't load the page there either. By this time I was totally frustrated and began looking for another place to blog. Found one, may or may not move over. More problems like this and I'll be looking for a new Corner for sure. I did move some of my sidebar over so that I can at least visit my favorite blogs and such when I have these problems.

Anyway. My sidebar is back for whatever reason. All is well in My Little Corner of the World.

UPDATE: It's gone, it's back, it's gone, it's back! I'm so confused ::wimper::
Okay...(deep breath) I think I'm okay now.

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