Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wicktory Wednesday

This is the day set aside by the Blogs for Bush universe to ask you to join us in supporting President Bush for re-election.

I don't agree with everything President Bush has done over the last four years, but I can't find anything that Senator Kerry will do any better.

Nearly all aspects of the economy are up to pre-September 11 levels. The tax cuts put more money into your wallets and then into the economy. Inflation, interest rates, and inflation are all low. Home ownership is up. Retail is up, construction is up and not just because of the hurricanes in Florida.

The United States freed over 25 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are things better there? Some say no. I say yes: they are free to live their lives as human beings, own businesses, send their sons and daughters to school, and speak out without fear. Women can walk the streets without fear of being kidnapped and raped. Men no longer have to fear being put into shredding machines or having their tongues cut out for saying no to Saddam or his sons. More people have electricity and running water than when Saddam was in power.The UN gave Saddam over twelve years to prove he had destroyed his WMD's. He refused. UN resolutions did no good because the UN didn't want to take action. Don't forget the Oil for Food program and the recent revelations about who was getting payoffs and who in the UN might have profited.

We did not go into this war on terror on a whim. Remember September 11? The war was brought to us. We did not go into this war alone. We have Britain, Australia, Poland and a number of other countries with us.

President Bush is a man of honor, integrity, and faith. He has a moral clarity and does what he thinks is right. He doesn't need polls or permission of the rest of the world to do what is right. He sees it and does it.

Because of election laws, you can't donate money, but you can donate your time.

And, most importantly, don't forget to vote!

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