Saturday, July 10, 2004

Articles Worth Reading

Jonas Goldberg has what I consider to be an excellent article about the current controversy surrounding Bill Cosby. You know the one I mean, Cosby gave a speech on May 17, at a Washington, D.C. event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. Cosby rips into parents for their lack of parenting their children.

Cosby has endured an onslaught of criticism since he dared lay blame at the parents feet that their kids are neglected. Cosby directed his comments at black parents and blacks don't like it. It was apparently a little secret that wasn't supposed to be let out. I'll tell you another secret: white parents are just as guilty. I work in a juvenile prison. We have both black and white juveniles in custody. Are all these parents neglecting their kids? Not at all. There are all kinds of reasons, but lack of parenting, for whatever reason is a big part of it.

On a somehow related note, in my mind anyway, Neal Boortz discusses the Dumbing Down of America in this article.

Both are must=read articles.


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Sissy of sisu. Awesome to know that you work in a juvenile prison...Great points you make. Thank you so much.

Kitten said...

Hi, Sissy!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm in Administration and don't have much to do with the kids, but I know most of their stories. Most of the lack of parenting is because of ignorance - the parents just don't know how to parent.And so the cycle goes.