Thursday, September 11, 2008

Freedom Flag

I was listening to the Glenn Beck show on CNN this evening and first learned about the Freedom Flag.

Glenn had a gentleman on whose mission is to have the flag in half of the schools by September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of that horrible and tragic day when so many innocent lives were lost to Islamic extremists bent on destroying the United States.

The guest, whose name I didn't get, gave the history of the flag. A restaurant owner in Virginia, where the Pentagon is located, designed the flag and displayed it in his restaurant so that his patrons would have a visual reminder of what happened.

The flag symbols are described as:
  • Blue Background: all Americans united together for freedom
  • White Star: all who lived and died for freedom
  • Five White Bars: the Pentagon and the organized protection of our freedom
  • Top Red Stripe: the bloodshed of those who perished at the Pentagon and the crew and passengers on American Airlines Flight 77
  • Two Broad Red Stripes: the Twin Towers and the bloodshed of the people who perished at the World Trade Center and on American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175
  • Bottom Red Stripe: the bloodshed of the crew and passengers who perished on United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania
  • Three White Stripes: the rescue workers, firefighters, police officers, Port Authority employees, and others who worked tirelessly during and after the terrorist attacks"
The Twin Towers symbolism is of course more obvious when the flag is hanging vertically.

This is something we need to remind us that there are still people out there who want to destroy us and our way of life. We should need nothing to remind us, but being human, the longer we go without another "incident", we will forget until we're reminded of it.

The guest mentioned that there is a website for the Freedom Flag but when I went to it (while he was still talking about it), and found some of the information I heard on Glenn Beck. Please, go and read both sites. 

From the Virginia Freedom Flag site:

"The Virginia Senate and House of Delegates officially designated the Freedom Flag as the Commonwealth's official symbol of remembrance during the 2003 General Assembly session. Gov. Mark Warner issued an executive order on Feb. 24 proclaiming the Freedom Flag as Virginia's official symbol of remembrance for September 11, 2001."

Businessman and Richmond, Virginia resident Richard Nicholas Melito drew a sketch on a napkin of the first Freedom Flag on the evening of September 20, 2001.

Glenn's guest said that other states have adopted the flag. I haven't had a chance to look into that yet.

Does anyone know what other states may have adopted it?

I wonder if we can't get the flag in ALL schools by September 11, 2011.

I don't see why it can't be done.

Do you?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking interest, we really need the support!11

J.R. Melito

Kitten said...

Mr. Melito, I'm honored to support this project. I can't tell you how much this resonates with me and I'll be happy to do anything I can to promote this project.