Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Speaking of Wyatt

I haven't bragged on him for a while. Let me tell you, he is smart as a whip. I started working with him over the weekend to show me where his leash is when he wants to go out. I had a four day weekend (yay! We like long weekends!) and by Sunday he was running to the door and touching the leash with his nose (it's hanging on the back of the front door). Everynight before bedtime, he and I go for a walk to get the mail. He sniffs and pees, and pees and poops, and sniffs again, sometimes all at the same time. When I say "mailbox" he runs to them (our's is one of a bank of mailboxes for our little complex). When I say, "let's go home" or "find our house" he turns and goes right to our front door.

I got home last night, and My Other Half turned to me and said..."Your Dog". When Wyatt is "my dog" I know one of two things. Either he's done something bad, or MOH is both proud and is trying to pretend to be annoyed. Well, it was the latter, this time. Seems that Wyatt periodically during the day, ran over to MOH, put his paws on MOH's leg and then ran to the front door and nosed his leash. MOH was proud as punch that Wyatt knows he has to be leashed to go outside, but he can't take Wyatt out. MOH is disabled and because of his disability is afraid that Wyatt will cause him to fall. This could be a bad thing. Especially if he cuts a cut or abrasion. Could end up being a very bad wound due to his diabetes. So Wyatt has to wait till Mommy gets home to go out.

Okay, it's not rocket science, but he's my baby and I think he's sharp as a tack. So there. I'm completely besotted by Wyatt and don't tell me he isn't a genius dog because you're wrong.

So there! nyahhh!

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