Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harry Reid Said What?

I read somewhere today, that Harry Reid has told Democrats that if they want to retain, or aspire to important seats in important committees, they will not support the Fair Tax (HR/S 25). I wish I could find that cite again so I could quote it directly.

If true, this is obviously why I can't get answers from either Senator Mel Martinez or Senator Bill Nelson will not answer my questions as to whether or not they support tax reform in general and the Fair Tax in particular. Nelson needs Democratic backing for his re-election campaign. Martinez wants an important committee seat.

Well, in my opinion, they have answered my questions. I will not be supporting either of these "gentlemen" in their next run for office. I will support the candidate who supports the Fair Tax.

And by the way, Katherine Harris, representative of my own Florida District 13 in the House, also refuses to answer the question. Dr. Belinda Noah is running against Rep. Harris for Senator Nelson's Senate seat. Guess who will get my money and my vote?

I can't decide whether to call Martinez, Nelson, and Harris the Three Blind Mice or the Three Monkeys - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Do No Evil.

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