Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday Night Movie

My Other Half and I decided to have a movie night once a week. We picked Friday since TV is so lousy. We joined Netflix (to avoid the pickup and dropping off with late fees problem). We get one video at a time for $10 and change a month. We're averaging four a month, so that comes to about $2.25 a video. Not too bad. Of course, we could save even more by watching movies we already have and haven't watched, but that would be too easy or something!

So anyway, we watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night. That might be way I wasn't well. No, of course, that wasn't it. It might be a good movie, but won't be on my top ten list. We got behind in movies over the last few years, so we're catching up.

We watched National Treasure last week - very good by the way. My only complaint was that the DVD was pretty scratched and we missed a portion of the video because of it. My Other Half doesn't like Nicholas Cage but has decided that he's not so bad after all. The Pacifier is next, and Pirates of the Caribbean next after that.

I can change the queue so that we can see another movie in the list. I've also got several saved that haven't come out in DVD yet, so that when they do, we'll be among the first to get it.

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