Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Ramblings:

From the Who Cares? Department: Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Martha Stewart, and Dan Rather's retirement. Not much, if anything will be said on these cases in this Corner.

Gas Prices: I heard they are expected to rise something like $.24 over the next couple of weeks? I paid $1.89 earlier this week. That will put it at $2.14 a gallon. And Florida is somewhere in the middle on gas prices. Can we say "How soon can we start drilling in ANWAR?" We also need to start building more refineries. Here's what Neal Boortz has to say about ANWAR.

Internet Blogging: Thanks to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, (or McCain-Feingold as it's commonly known), free speech is in jeopardy. Here's just one link. And one from Blogs for Bush.This can be taken to the extreme that any opinion I present here is a political statement. If I link to a campaign website, I am contributing to that candidate. I can't be included under the shield law because I am not a professional journalist. I don't claim to be. I am expressing my opinions. Any sources I have are linked and readily available to any and all on the Internet. Why am I concerned? Because anyone who doesn't like what I say can call the Feds on me. And, don't forget, anyplace I used the present tense (I, my etc) can apply to you.

Social Security: PoliPundit has an excellent post on Social Security and how much a difference private accounts could make. Find it here. And from the Opinion Page of the Wall Street Journal.

Iraq: Looks like the Iraqi government will be meeting on March 16. And they said we couldn't turn over control of Iraq on June 30 (done a couple of days early), that elections couldn't be held on time (over 8 million people voted), that a government couldn't be seated without months of delay. Huh.

Fair Tax: Looks like Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has gotten on the bus. He seems to think that a combination of Income tax and consumption tax might work (it won't!), but I think that was just something thrown out. Find it here and here. Of course, Harry Reid thinks Greenspan is a "political hack." Read it here.

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Sir GreenSPan Con-UN-Drum said... can be only ONE valid long-term answer to Chairman Alan Greenspan Conundrum: The Activating Message for X-it & Security.
Chairman Alan Greenspan is the official political hack of The Partners of the X-it in Washington.