Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's A Start

From GOPBloggers: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman signed a bill taking away driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. The problem is, the bill allows the illegal immigrants to receive a driving privilege card in exchange. It can't be used for identification or boarding airplanes or to register to vote. But it can be used to drive.

I'm sorry. This is still rewarding someone who is breaking the law to drive. In this case, driving without a license. People who are illegal should not be issued any sort of privilege by any state. I know this will tick off a lot of bleeding heart liberals who think it disenfranchises minorities. In this case, people who are breaking the law by being in this country illegally.

The illegal immigrants have until their birthday or July 1 to turn in their legal driver's license and receive the driving privilege card.

How many do you think will be turned in?

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Deborah said...

Once again I have deleted a post that was (far) more advertisement than comment on this post. It's interesting that a post nearly two years old generated any kind of comment.

It wouldn't garner any interest except from someone who did a specific word serach. But, what word I wonder?