Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Ramblings

More Woes: First it was the computer, which now doesn't seem to be turning on at all. Now it's the driver's side window on my van. So we'll be looking for a place to look at that. And the rear brakes still need work.

Photos: Dale took some photos Friday evening of Wyatt doing his Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Mommy's Home! dance. He also took some of Wyatt washing, or trying to wash my face. If I can figure out how to crop me out of the picture without losing the jist of what he's doing, I'll post it sometime or another. Maybe I can put my head on another body? Or maybe just substitute another face and body altogether? Have to give this idea some thought. Kathleen Turner? She's about my age and still looks good....

Speaking of (Not) Looking Good: I watched Monk last night. James Brolin was the murderous guest star. Life with Babs must not be treating him well. He just doesn't look like he's aging well. But then, things didn't go well in November, so she might be a little cranky these days.

Quote of the Day: Founding Father Samuel Adams wrote, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." Thanks to
Citizen Outreach for reminding me that the Founding Fathers were the first grassroots activitists.

Cell Phone Jammers: Boy howdy, I can relate to this one. Haven't we all been privy to a conversation that we didn't want or need to hear? With the advent of two way radio features in cell phones, we can now hear both sides of the conversation. We hear them in banks, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, doctor's offices, and everywhere else. And don't we all know at least one person, and sometimes we are that person, who has to be in constant touch with girl/boy friends, parents, spouse, partner, and so on who will interrupt a face-to-face conversation with you to take a call from someone else? I find this to be very rude and consider these people to be either control freaks or co-dependent to a control freak. You knew that someone would come up with a device that would jam these calls. But, as with every good idea, there is a downside that comes with it. Jammers are now available, (not legally, however) but they can't differentiate between the call between that annoying person in line behind you and the person who is trying to call 911 for a heart attack victim or an accident where a life might be lost because the call can't go through. I cannot begin to endorse jammers until someone can program a jammer that will not interfere with a 911 call. But when the programming is available, and legal, I will not endorse it, but I will want one.

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