Friday, February 25, 2005

Katherine's Blog

I was reading GOPBloggers today and found that Representative Katherine Harris of Florida is one of the four members of Congress who regularly blog. Actually, I had come across her blog a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about it (must have been one of those shiny objects that distracted me).

I checked it out again today. I sort of doubt that Katherine herself posts to it. There is a lot of "we" running around as in "we have spent", "we have traveled", "we have seen" and "we've met". I'm not critizing Ms. Harris. Really. But when I read "we" I would like to know who the "we" are. Is she traveling with staff? Then say somewhere in the lead "My staff and I" spent, or "My husband and I", "My dog and I", then go on with "we" did such-and-such. It reads to me like a staff member is posting for her. Perhaps a staff member who is one of the "we" and has first-hand knowledge of what happened when "we" did whatever. Great! First hand blogging is always better than getting the information from someone else. If someone else is actually blogging, even at Ms. Harris' direction, then it isn't really "Katherine's Blog" unless the staff member is another Katherine.

According to the Fair Tax website, Ms. Harris will not commit, either for or against. I've sent emails and snail mail to Ms. Harris' office asking her stance on the Fair Tax issue. She can blog on issues of interest to the 13th District, and can mention that Jeff Gordon won Daytona again, but there is mention of the Fair Tax or Social Security. Two very big, vital issues today and issues that directly effect all her consitutents.

I sincerely appreciate that Ms. Harris is using the Internet to reach her consitutents. She realizes the importance of the Internet in today's world. And this not just a good thing, but a very intelligent thing as well. But how about actually responding to constitutents email and/or snail mail?

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