Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Illegal Aliens and Driver's Licenses

One more word from me on this subject, but probably not the last. It's apparently become a hot-button topic what with the Intel bills and Homeland Security issues coming up. My word, which means nothing once you, my favorite reader, have gone on to another link, is that we should not give driver's licences or any other form of identification to an illegal alien.

I've written on this subject several times before. Many, maybe most, have legitmate reasons for wanting to be here and for some reason can't be here legally. Personally, I don't care what their reason for being in this country is. Whether they are here to make a living for their family or here to blow up buildings and kill American citizens. They are here illegally, and they are committing an illegal act by being in this country without having the appropriate, legal documents. They are not just "undocumented", they are criminals. Sure, a crime that is minor compared to the crimes a certain 19 committed who, by the way, all had US driver's licenses. Just because you have a DL doesn't mean you are here to be a nanny, work in fields, attend school, or run a Fortune 500 company. The reasons illegals are here is secondary to the fact that they are criminals committing an illegal act and are being pandered to by politicians for their votes.

I work in a juvenile prison. We learned that you can't reward the juveniles for inproper behavior, it only re-enforces the inappropriate behavior. But this is just what many legislators, including the President and his brother, the governor of my own state want to do. They want to ignore the fact that these aliens are here illegally and want to give them ID so they can work. A noble cause, but they are not altruistic in their endevors. It's for votes and if there is anyone here who doesn't believe that, well, I have a bridge I'd like to talk to you about.

If legislators want to make them legal, then begin by changing the laws that make them illegal. I wouldn't care what documents the government want to give aliens then. Until then, they are criminals, they are committing an illegal act and should be dealt with accordingly. Change the law and I will greet the now legal aliens with open arms.

Now, as I've written in previous posts, I understand that many of the illegal aliens are here to provide for their families. Think of this: someone breaks into your house and takes the money you have hidden in your sock drawer. They use the money to buy food for their kids. As good a reason as I can think of to commit a crime. But, this person has broken the law and is a criminal. Do you really care why the sanctity of your home was broken? My house has been broken into. I never thought to ask why the burglar did it. I was angry. And I'm angry that my government is aiding and abetting the breaking of our own laws.

America is our home. We have criminals breaking in every day. They may not be breaking into our sock drawers but they are still stealing from us. They steal by going to hospitals and not having insurance or the money to pay. They collect government subsidies when they are able to. You and I pay for these subsities through our taxes. Again, either make them legal by changing the laws or enforce the laws currently on the books.

I know there will be readers who think I am heartless and cruel, especially since it's the Christmas season, the season of giving. I give every chance I get. We get a lot of migrant workers in this area to work in the groves, and tomato and strawberry fields this time of year. It tears my heart out to know what the future holds for most of the little kids and their families. Many of them will end up in the criminal justice system or in the welfare system because we've become a nation of enablers. Liberals, in their attempts to do the right thing, are doing exactly the wrong thing. If you keep giving, the people you're trying to help will never be able to stand on their own feet. And by giving illegals documentation, but not making them legal, the legislature is forcing them to stay on the shady side of the law. They will never be completely legal, and won't be able to come into the light. They will be forever in "the system" and will never be able to break free of it.

And America is the worse for it.

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