Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne

Well, it looks like my parents are on vacation or they used up all their favors. Manatee County is experiencing the wrath of Jeanne. I knew the winds were at high tropical storm or low hurricane intensity, then turned on the TV. Yep, she was 50 miles SE of Tampa, which put her east or north east of us. 85 mph winds. Well, it could be much worse, we're on the south west side and didn't get a direct hit, so we're doing pretty good. We're getting a lot of gusting winds.

I peeked out the back slider and front door. Because of the rain, I didn't see much except rain. The guy across the street left his weight-lifting equipment out. I don't feel quite so bad about forgetting to bring in the garbage cans now. A hit by a plastic garbage can will do a bit of damage, but not nearly as much as a 5lb metal weight.

Out the back slider, I saw out patio table had tipped over and was leaning on the fence. The garbage cans were visiting the neighbor's patio. I'm not of a mind to chase them down now, I'll worry about that later today or even tomorrow.

Update: Just heard from my father-in-law in Melbourne. He stayed the night with his sister and when the winds died down, drove back to his house. He thinks his tangelo tree is done for and the satellite dish and Sprint dish are hanging from the roof. Apparently no other damage so while he wished it was a grapefruit tree instead of the tangelo, he's happy.

Bay News 9, our local cable all news station just showed a live cam from the top of our downtown hospital. Heavy rain, heavy enough that you couldn't see much except blurry trees swaying.

Update: This is being posted on Monday morning. Our power went out at 1150 am yesterday and didn't come back on till 1010 pm. I'm not grousing by any means. A few hours doesn't compare to weeks. According to the news, winds gusted in Bradenton at about 60 mph and we had 4-8 inches of rain. Our "pond" kept growing, but never caused a problem. I haven't gone out, but I'm not expecting to see much damage on my way to work. I heard that a house in Palmetto lost the roof, but that's the worst I've heard of. If that's all, then Manatee County was once again spared the worst of Jeanne.

And yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary. What a way to spend it.

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