Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Doc told me to start an exercise program. Not wanting to harm this old body, I've devised the following:

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Beat around the bush 
Climb the walls 
Jump to Conclusions 
Wade through the morning paper 
Have first fight with the computer

Description: [] 
Drag my heels 
Push my luck 
Make mountains out of mole hills 
Hit the nail on the head 
Have second fight with the computer

Description: [] 
Bend over backwards 
Jump on the Band Wagon 
Run around in circles 
Have third fight with the computer

Description: [] 
Toot my own horn 
Pull out all the stops 
Add fuel to the fire
Have fourth fight with the computer

Description: [] 
Open a can of worms 
Put my foot in my mouth 
Start the ball rolling 
Go over the edge 
Trying to drag the computer over edge with me

Description: [] 
Pick up the pieces 
Sit and throw rock at the computer

Description: [] 
Kneel in prayer 
Bow my head in thanksgiving 
Uplift my hands in praise 
Hug someone and encourage them 
Might as well let the computer rest 
What a Workout!

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