Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, Actually.....

A five part series on some of the arguments against the Fair Tax. Taken directly from the horse's mouth, so to speak, the Americans For Fair Taxation website. If you disagree, go there and either register your disagreement, or research to find out why Fair Tax says what it does. In other words, don't argue it here, and do your own research!

Today, I'm offering the arguments. Every Friday for the next five weeks, I'll give the argument again, and the answer as provided by Fair Tax.

The FairTax Five

The gloves are off as critics try to pick apart the FairTax. Trouble is, it's just a replay of the same five FairTax myths:
  1. "The 23% rate is misleading. It's actually 30%"
  2. "It's not enforceable and evasion will be rampant"
  3. "It will not be revenue neutral at 23%"
  4. "The FairTax is not politically viable"
  5. "The FairTax is regressive and shifts the tax burden onto lower and middle income people"

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