Monday, December 07, 2009

Two of the Navy SEALs who in September captured the terrorist who masterminded the murder of four civilian food delivery contractors in Iraq, burned their bodies, dragged them through the streets and then hung them from a bridge in Fallujah were arraigned today - Pearl Harbor Day! - for allegedly punching his in the stomach and giving him a fat lip. A third SEAL will be arraigned later.

Their court martial trials are scheduled for next month.

This, my fellow Americans, is a FAR GREATER outrage than Harry Reid shooting off his mouth. The White House, the Pentagon, the Defense Department and the Congress should all be ashamed of themselves for letting this continue.

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Oh, my, so this terrorist was punched in the belly and got a fat lip. You know, I really feel for him...NOT. He caused the deaths of four people and the Seals who captured him are awaiting Court Martial for punching him. Those Seals deserve medals because that's ALL they did to him. If they are found guilty, the United States is indeed in a lot of trouble.

I really can't describe how angry I am that these fine men are facing what they are facing simply because they punched this....this...person. Under normal circumstances, I don't hold with roughing up a captured person, either by Law Enforcement or by the Military. I think it's beneath their dignity to do so. But there are times when I happily cheer them on. And this is one of them. The four who were killed were civilians, not even military, trying to help the citizens of Iraq. Doing what amounted to humanitarian work and for that they were killed and then their bodies mutilated. Some fine citizens of Iraq - the people they were trying to help - plotted, planned, and then carried it out. Why do we bother? Sometimes I wonder.

I just hope the officers hearing this Court Martial don't listen to the media who are howling for the skins of these Seals. The most they deserve is maybe some loss of pay or whatever is the very least punishment available. This - person - sustained less injury than if he had been in a bar brawl.

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