Saturday, December 12, 2009

“I love you!” “Daddy, I was in the school play!” “We’re so proud of you, Son.”

When you make it possible for a soldier to make a free call home for the Holidays, there’s no telling what will pass between him and his loved ones. But one thing will be certain. You’ll have done exactly what the Holidays are all about: bringing warmth and cheer to the people who need it most – our brave servicemen and women who miss their families. And to the families who can hear for themselves that Daddy or Mommy is doing all right.

You can’t give out prepaid phone cards yourself. But that’s okay. Every year, the USO hands out thousands of cards to our soldiers so they can call home. We’ve seen the smiles on their faces when they take a card. Sometimes we even get to see the big, wide, silly grins when they make the call.

Just a little contribution goes a long way. A $10 phone card lasts for thirty-minutes—time for plenty of catching up. A $20 phone card lasts a whole hour. Please give whatever you can.


Kitten says: Go and donate. These are the people who are making a huge sacrifice in being away from their loved ones during he most family oriented holiday on our calendar. I can't tell you how good you'll feel to know that you've provided a connection between a someone in our military and his or her family.

Just do it.

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