Thursday, November 05, 2009

So we had elections this week. Most Americans probably didn't even know about 'em. They are too busy managing their fantasy football leagues. But these elections do matter. Two states that had Democrat governors now have elected Republican governors – Virginia and New Jersey. Might not be a big deal to people outside of those states, but what do these elections mean for Barack Obama? Remember that it was one year ago that this nation was engaged in an act of mass suicide. It was a Buffalo Jump election. You like that? A Buffalo Jump election. Let me explain.

Ever heard of a place called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump? Okay, well here is the deal. How did our wonderful Native Americans hunt buffalo? They didn't ride, bare-backed, bow-and-arrow in hand, ready to nail a buffalo. That's not how it was done. Instead … they had Buffalo Jumps. They would find a cliff and then send out a buncha Indians on horseback, and they would herd the buffalo and cause them to stampede. And where would they send the buffalo? Right over the cliff. Some would die. Others would be wounded. But after they ran them over the cliff, they would go down there and finish them off.

Last year was a Buffalo Jump election. The media got on their little media ponies and started herding voters and they herded them right over the cliff. It was like mass suicide. That's what this country experienced one year ago.

But the ballot box still works. But 2010 could be the last chance to save this Republic.

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