Thursday, November 05, 2009

By Neal Boortz @ November 4, 2009 8:40 AM

So the Republicans have come up with a 230-page healthcare alternative. It took the Democrats 1,990 pages. Wonder why it took so much more. Could it be perhaps because the Democrat plan grossly expands the federal government and bureaucracy?

What does the Republican alternative include? Glad you asked. Some of the highlights are:
  • Increasing incentives for people to use health savings accounts
  • Capping non-economic awards in medical malpractices cases
  • Incentives for states to drive down premium costs
  • Allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines
What does the Republican plan NOT include?
  • No employer mandate
  • No individual health insurance mandate
  • It doesn't require insurers to cover pre-existing conditions
  • Probably some abortion stuff that I could care less about
As the Republicans introduced their bill the Democrats were passing around a binder with a cover page reading "Republican Health Care Plan." Inside you would only find blank pages. Very cute ... the Republicans introduce a 233 page plan, and the Democrat Socialist Party refuses to acknowledge its very existence.

There is, though, something wrong with the GOP bill. They posted it online in a non-searchable format. This is particularly vexing to reporters like Jamie Dupree. If you follow him on Twitter [@jamiedupree] you can share his pain. There is, as I see it, only one reason to post your legislation in this manner ... and that's to make it more difficult for snoopy reporters and voters to get into that bill and look for specific little goodies. We expect this from Democrats. Republicans need to correct this.

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