Monday, August 03, 2009

National Watermelon Day

We're used to the familiar green stripes (sometimes yellow, sometimes white) on a rounded melon, but now they are being grown in a square shape to facilitate shipping, not to mention making fridge storage a bit easier too.

Some bright person has developed a pyramid shaped watermelon. I don't quite understand why, unless because it's just because they could, but at the least, I find it amusing and very creative.

Watermelon is a very versatile food. It can be sliced, made in to balls for punch, or just for an interesting way to serve. I found salsa and salad recipes, drink recipes

and pictures of watermelon art.

If you're of a mind for a way to serve watermelon that isn't exactly kid-friendly, you might cut the watermelon in in half, or if square, the top, then pour vodka into the melon allowing it to soak in.'s already naturally waterfilled so you need to watch the liquid you're adding.

People enjoy watermelon so much that shoes, hats, and clothing are made with the familiar colors of green, white, and red, along with the striping patterns and black dots for seeds.

Speaking of which, there are seedless varieties of watermelon now. I would have really liked that on those long-ago summer days of my youth, when visiting family in Pennsylvania. We kids would sit on the back porch and eat watermelon, listening to the aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents talking of this or that. There was always a badminton or baseball game in the backyard. Those were good days with very fond memories of those days and the people who have since left us.

Find more information about our favorite summer fruit here.

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