Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fair Tax on Twitter

A compilation of the (some) of the top 10 Reasons to Support the Fair Tax. I say "some" of the Top 10 Reasons because there are just so many reasons! And, these are in no particular order.

(1) A method to fund the federal gov with a 23% Consumption tax~collected only on goods bought a retail level.

(2) Families according to size are issued monthly prebates to cover basic living expenses. Remember only paying on retail goods.

(3) Also important, these are inclusive taxes the cost of your purchases will remain the same. After removing imbedded 22% taxes.

(4) Also abolishment of the 16th amndmt. No more taxes on investments, payroll, death, the list goes on. Revenue nuetral 1 simple tax

(5) Without the income tax's complications. There's no more need for lobbyists. They exists to manipulate tax code. Pwr to the people

(6) Your gov oversteps as they are doing now. Starve them out to make them listen simply by changing spending habits! Pwr to people.

(7) Elimination of corporate taxes. Understand this is double taxation on you. The end consumer always pays taxes.

(8) By dropping corporate tax rates to 0, capital that has escaped our punishing tax code will flood back, creating new jobs.

(9) When politicians have 2 raise taxes on 100% of American ppl, instead of playing class warfare as they do 2day it 1't be as easy!

(10) Trillions of $'s are wasted yearly complying with our taxcode. Let's put that capital to better use in the free market.

FairTax HR25 Needs more co-sponsors in Congress.

Contact your rep today to support FairTax

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