Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dear Republicans

Enjoy either the Clinton or Obama Administrations for yourself doubt and rigidity will certainly place them in the White House with a Super Majority in Congress.

You think things suck now, just wait until your taxes are severely increased, wait until Hillary Clinton is picking your Doctor and Hospital and Garnishing your wages if you don't like it.

Wait until all the Americans are removed from the Middle East while the blood of any and all that helped us runs through the streets. Wait until you find out that 9-11 was only a skirmish and the real body counts of innocents are yet to come. Wait until Israel is destroyed under Iranian Nuclear Weapons and the Jihadists control the flow of oil you will no longer be able to afford.

You think a Recession is a pain in the ass, wait until some Mullah cuts off the oil at the tap and our Democratic Administration wants to Negotiate thru a Maddie Allbright or a Richard Holbroke.

Do you honestly believe that a candidate that is already announcing they will raise your taxes and garnish your wages will have any problem telling you how much gas you can use, how much heat in your home, where your children can or cannot go to school and what they will be allowed to learn. What you can or cannot feed your children or yourself.

You think Gay Marriage is an issue, it won't be after Hillary or Obama are elected, you proclaim abortion to be a serious issue yet you will allow supporters of Partial Birth Abortion to walk into the White House. You have an opinion on Fetal Stem Cells, you had best keep it to yourself as it will no longer matter.

If you are worried about Illegal's , don't be. They will be moving in next door to you with a valid Drivers License and a special Diversity Federal Mortgage to aid them.

Try to remember when that pesky Federal Agent shows up at your door to inquire about any weapons you own how you decided to allow all this to happen.

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