Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nationalized Health Care?

I was reading recently (darn, I've got to take notes of where I see the things I remember) about the Health Care program being promoted for poor children.

One thing I remember is that children from families earning up to $80,000 would be eligible for this health care. I earn less than $80K and I don't qualify for squat, but apparently .... I'm ....poor.

Believe it or not, I am concerned about kids not getting proper health care. Health and nutrition are so important in their early years and can lead to mental "slowness" if not downright retardation and physical problems in later years. I would like to see health care made affordable so that at least all working families can be insured, at least for their kids.

But, I don't want the government involved. I'm sorry, but the government doesn't do very well when it gets into things that are better served by the public sector. Can you believe how much better and cheaper the Post Office could be run if it were run by the private sector and not the Feds?

Look at Canada. One example is MRI's. Did you know that it takes months to get an MRI done? Something like 16 weeks - folks, that's four months. Did you know that Canadians come to the US for procedures they don't want to wait for in Canada? I'm sure emergency surgery is taken care of immediately, but what about a hip or knee replacement? Good thing they get cheap drugs, because they may need the painkillers for months until they finally get to have the procedure or surgery that will eliminate the problem and alleviate the pain.

And about the Canadian pharmacy issue: do you really believe that Canada will allow it's citizens to have drugs that are suspicious in any way? One of the reasons the FDA lobbies against allowing US citizens access to Canadian drug supplies is because the drugs may not meet US standards. No, the real reason is that if we can have access to cheaper drugs, US drug companies will lose money. Have no doubt, it's all about they money, not the standards.

Politicians know one thing: if they can control your health care, they will control yet another aspect of your life. And they won't rest until they can control every aspect of your life.

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