Monday, April 09, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

Tomorrow may be day that Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern finds out who her biological daddy is. Of course, being seven months old, at this point in time she won't have a clue as to what's going on. As long has she has a full tummy, a clean diaper, and someone to play peek-a-boo with, she's basically happy.

Now, that being said, if she's taken away from Howard K. Stern, it could be traumatic for her. He is, after all, the only father she's known. Depending on how much time he's actually spent with her I'm going to "assume" (and yes, I know what that means) that they have bonded as father and daughter. Some say nannies have raised her so far, so maybe it won't be too traumatic if another male enters her life as her father. At her very young, tender age, she will adjust to a new father in her life, should Howard K be revealed NOT to be her father (as I believe he is not). It could be traumatic for her for some time. But eventually she will bond with Larry Birkhead or whoever gains custody of her.

And that seems to be the issue. Under Bahamian law, apparently being the biological parent doesn't mean automatic custody. Right now, Howard K seems to have the inside track for custody, whether or not he is the biological father or not.

Right now, everyone seems to be saying, "I want custody because...." and various reasons are given. I haven't heard Howard K say, ..."because she's my daughter." And yes, I could have missed it. And if so, I apologize. I have heard Larry Birkhead say that. And for that reason, he gets points.

I'm not sure that anyone in this mess is really fit to be the custodian of Dannielynn. A lot of drugs seem to be swirling around Howard K. Anna Nicole had "issues" with her mother, Virgie Arthur. Whether that really means anything, only Virgie, and maybe Howard K, know. Maybe there's a bit of snobbery here, but Larry Birkhead is of the Hollywood set - drugs again. I'm not accusing Birkhead of being involved with drugs, but drugs are part of the Hollywood scene and there is the possibility.

Do I know who should get custody? I want the person who is most fit to give this little girl a loving, safe, normal (whatever that means), childhood. I just hope that whoever ends up with her really wants her, and not the millions that will arrive with her. Maybe a judge with the wisdom of Solomon should say, "Okay, let's separate Dannielynn from her inheritance." Who would want Dannielynn then? Hopefully everyone.

Who's her daddy? I think it's Larry Birkhead, but I'm sort of rooting for J. Howard Smith, Anna Nichole's late millionaire husband. Wouldn't that throw a delicious monkey wrench into the works?

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