Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus Is An Idiot

That's true enough. I won't repeat the words; I won't add fuel to the fire. I don't know whether he's a racist at heart, trying to be funny, or just talking to hear himself talk, but what he said was stupid.

And all of those who are making a big deal of it are just as stupid. His remarks were nothing more than the adult version of what you might hear on a playground where kids make childish remarks to others. And before you get the idea that I sympathize with him, let me set you straight: he shouldn't have said what he did and he should be punished.

Kids say things they shouldn't because they either don't know better or they are parroting what they have heard others say. Adults ought to know better than to say things that might be hurtful.

But let's address who he made remarks about: the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. I assume that because these women are in college they are adults. I'll further assume none of them are straight out of a convent where they never watched TV, saw a movie or read a book other than the Bible. I am sure that each and every one of them has heard worse than what Imus called them. And some may have even called others worse than that. If they had their feelings hurt maybe they need to ask themselves why the words of an older white man were so hurtful.

Should we allow anyone to be verbally abused? Should the Rutgers women just sit back and "take it"? Of course not. Name calling is one of the lowest forms of humor, especially in an adult of Imus' stature. He is a media figure who should know when to stop the stream of consciousness thinking.

Haven't we all said stupid things in a similar vein? Or laughed when someone else said something stupid? I admit it. I'm guilty on both counts and I'm not proud to admit it.

Should Imus be fired? No, He might be guilty of being stupid in public, but let's call the PC police off and get back to important things. Like the War on Terror, illegal aliens pouring over our borders, high gasoline prices, and children being kidnapped at school bus stops, abused to the point of death, shot in drug deals gone bad or drive by shootings. If this is the biggest issue you can think of, then maybe the world isn't so bad after all, or you need to start thinking about someone other than yourself.

Or maybe these aren't as important as a news story that will be forgotten in two weeks.
Providing the PC police let go.

Or when a bigger story comes along.

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