Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday Ramblings

No thanks AARP: Found a link to an anti-AARP website. I joined AARP last summer when I became eligible (okay, now you can figure out how old I am, but as long as I don't put the numbers to the page, I can be whatever age I want to be in my mind :D ), and a couple of months ago, told AARP they could forget about me renewing. In fact, I'll do my best to dissuade everyone I know from being members. ::getting off the soapbox:: And here is a link to their petition pledging to not become members of AARP.

Lips Brothers say that the Social Security squeeze will start in 2009.

And speaking of Social Security, Dan at No Speed Bumps has an interesting idea of combining Health Savings accounts, Personal Retirement accounts, and a flat tax to reform Social Security. They work hand in hand like parts of a puzzle. Since I'm a proponent of the Fair Tax, I would be more interested if it promoted the FTA instead of a flat tax, but I promised to go back and fully read the post so that I could be better informed on Dan's idea. Just because I support the Fair Tax doesn't mean I will dismiss another idea without better understanding it. (And I can't try to convince Dan of the error of his ways if I don't fully understand his idea.) Go and read it yourself. He makes some interesting points.

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