Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sex Offenders: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The Medical Examiner is still trying to discover the actual cause of death, but we have been told that after an argument at the home, David Onstott put Sarah into a chokehold and she was killed. He then attempted to hide the body. He returned to her home to retrieve a beer bottle (fingerprint evidence) from the home. Leaving the bottle or retrieving it was dangerous as it would place him in the home either way. He may have been hoping that his presence in the home after Sarah was taken would explain any evidence he left. She was found, so that her family can have some measure of closure and begin the healing process.

Now, it’s up to the Sheriff’s office to collect the evidence to sustain the confession. You do realize that he will plead not guilty at his arraignment, don’t you? Just because he confessed doesn’t mean he will plead guilty. That confession will be used as leverage to take the death penalty off the table. He’ll agree to change his plea to guilty for a sentence of life in prison.

Congressman Mark Foley of Florida is on FoxNews now and revealed that sexual offenders have a 90% rate of re-offending. I didn’t know the figure, but I’m not surprised. As I’ve stated before, these people cannot be rehabilitated. Congressman Foley remarked that we track library books better than we track sexual offenders. He also mentioned that Martha Stewart has a monitoring bracelet on her ankle. This is for a conviction of lying to investigators or to the Grand Jury or some such thing. Martha's movements are monitored for a white collar crime. Sex offenders are free to move about at will. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Parents must be aware of security within their own homes. Doors and windows must be locked. The security of your home must be paramount. I’m not pointing fingers or placing blame on parents. I'm just saying that you are the first line of defense for your children.

I think I can predict with a relatively high chance of being correct that sexual offenders nationwide, but particularly in Florida given the atmosphere today, are on notice that changes will be coming. And they may not be pleasant for you.

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